VB.Net and Crystal Reports Pages

Articles related to Visual Basic .NET only, and articles about running Crystal Reports from VB.Net applications.

VB.Net Save or Print Panel Contents

Here's how I finally managed to output the contents of a panel in vb.net when it's scrolled out of sight.

Multiple-column sub-reports in Crystal Reports

How to add a sub-report to a Crystal Report with multiple columns spanning the page width-wise.

Change Crystal Report Sort Order Programatically

Here is how to change the sort order of the records in a crystal report programatically, using VB.Net.

Stretched MDI Background Image in VB.Net

How to paint a stretched background image across the back of an MDI form in VB.Net so that it stretches to cover the whole form.

Minimise To The System Tray in VB.Net

How to minimise a form to the system tray in VB.Net.

Share Files Between VB.Net Projects

How to share a file between multiple projects in VB.Net.

Split Seconds Into Hours, Minutes And Seconds in VB.Net

A useful object in the .Net framework does to work of splitting seconds into hours, minutes and seconds for us, so we can use our brains even less.

How To Create Rich Text To Fill A RichTextBox

Example of how to fill a rich text box on the fly, in VB.Net.

Icons In Menus Using OwnerDraw Methods In VB.Net

Example of how to add icons to menu items using the OwnerDraw method, in VB.Net.

IRMark With C14N and SHA-1 In VB.Net

How I managed to generate an IRMark hash from C14N canonicalisation and SHA-1 hashing in VB.Net.

Auto-Insert Error Handling Macro In VB.Net

How to automatically insert error handling or other text using macros bound to key combinations in VB.Net

Store Images In SQL Server Using VB.Net and OleDB

How to store and retrieve images/pictures from binary/image blob fields in SQL Server databases using OLEDB and VB.Net.

How To Re-Sort A DataTable in VB.Net

The .Net framework can do the sorting for us if we want to re-sort a DataTable by one of the DataColumns in it. Here's how to re-sort the data in a DataTable using the DefaultView object.

Create And Call a DLL In VB.Net

How to create a DLL project, compile it into a DLL, and include that in another project, getting around the limitation of VB.Net Standard supposedly not supporting DLL projects

Crystal Reports Error 0x800401f3 Connecting To Access

All my Crystal Reports which connect to Microsoft Access using DAO suddenly stopped working, giving error code 0x800401f3. Login Failed. Details: Error Code: 0x800401f3. Seeing as you've found this, has it happened to your reports too?

Unable to write to output file '...': System Error &H80070020&

You may receive the error: Unable to write to output file '...': System Error &H80070020& when attempting to build and run your solution in Visual Studio 2003. This is due to a bug in Visual Studio 2003. Here are some workarounds for the bug.

Pass Multiple Line String In Crystal Report Formula From VB.Net

How to pass a multi-line string from VB.Net to a Crystal Report in a formula

Currency Rounding In VB.Net and Visual Studio

How to correctly round up to the next higher penny of a currency value in VB.Net or other Visual Studio languages

Open And Read Excel Spreadsheet In VB.Net

Here's an example showing how to open and read in an Excel spreadsheet in the VB.Net language. I'm sure you can manage to easily convert this code to other Visual Studio languages if you're using C#, for example.

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