VB6 Articles

Howtos, code examples and hints related to the Microsoft VB6 language.

VB6 Sendkeys in Windows Vista

The SendKeys function doesn't work under Windows Vista. Here's some VB6 Code showing an example of how to get Sendkeys to work under Windows Vista.

Close/Terminate Another Application In VB6

Two examples showing how to request another application to close, and how to forcefully terminate another running application using VB6 code

Kick Open Cash Drawer On USB Till Receipt Printer in VB6

Here's how to open the cash drawer programatically using VB6 driving the printer directly by sending raw data to the USB printer using the Windows API. This works for Star TSP100 / TSP143 and Epson TM88 receipt printers.

VB6 Email Address Validation Function

Email address validation is a little awkward, but here is a VB6 function to do the validation for you.

VB6 String Building Class CStringBuilder

My solution to the problem of slow string concatination in VB6 when building huge strings. Here is my CStringBuilder class to speed the job up.

Small Icons For VB6

Here's a set of small icons in .ico format for use on VB6 buttons and form icons. They're all 16 by 16 pixels and in standard ico format so should actually work in any windows application.

Page Updated 05/02/10