Toyota Supra Sticking Brake Caliper

I've had trouble with one of the rear brake calipers sticking on my Toyota Supra Mk4. Here's an account of what I did to free off my sticking brake caliper. Seeing as you've found this page, it might be of interest to you.

Symptoms were that the car would not roll at all when waiting at a junction, and after a journey the wheel would be roasting hot. This was NOT helping the Supra's already terrible fuel consumption...

Here's what I did. Excuse the crap quality pictures, I only had my phone with me.

Jack the car up and place an old tray/washing up bowl beneath the caliper.

Toyota Supra brake caliper

Sticking old brake caliper prior to removal. Removal is easy, undo the two slider bolts, one at the top and one at the bottom of the caliper. Before actually removing the caliper, remove the banjo bolt. (See below).

Supra caliper banjo bolt

This is the "banjo" bolt that attaches the brake hose to the caliper. It's basically a hollow bolt and a couple of washers that allows the brake fluid to flow through it. Don't lose the washers!

Removed Supra brake caliper

Removed the brake caliper... Brake fluid mess everywhere. Pour out as much of the brake fluid as you can.

Supra piston removed from brake caliper

After a real hard job of trying to get the piston out, here it is, removed from the caliper. I gave it a damn good clean. It wasn't corroded or scored at all, just coated in crap, so I gave it really good clean. People recommend using compressed air to blow the piston out, but I didn't have that option so I pushed it out from the other side by hitting really hard with a hammer and rod through the banjo bolt hole, careful not to force the piston out at an angle...

Brake caliper with piston removed

Then I put it all back together and began the tedious job of bleeding the brakes. But since then, the brakes have been perfect!

Page Updated 20/03/10