How To Remove The Stereo And Dials From A Supra Mk4

You have to remove the front of the dash/centre console to change the stereo or get to the dials on a Toyota Supra. Here's pictures showing how to do this Mark IV Toyota Supra.

You Will Need

Enough time do do this before it gets dark, it can be very fiddly getting the front back on if you haven't got enough light.
A few different screwdrivers.
I'd recommend disconnecting the battery before doing this.

Here's the dash prior to removing the various panels.

Supra Dash

First, remove the panel surrounding the gear knob. Prize this up with your fingers, it should just unclip upwards. If not, give it a careful helping hand with a large flat-bladed screwdriver. Lift it right over the top of the gear knob and out of the way.

Now, remove the 5 screws from under the top of the cowling. (Marked in red).

Supra Dash remove screws from cowling

Next, pull the whole top panel towards you until it unclips and comes away.

Supra Dash top panel removing

Remove the connectors from the rear of the top panel and put the whole panel out of the way.

Supra top dash panel removed

Now remove the two screws from either side of the dash, marked in red in the picture below.

Supra dash removal

Easily remove the surround from around the speedo and rev counter dials.

Removed clock surround
Supra bare clocks

Next, the main centre console panel will unclip if you pull it towards you from the edges. Careful with this, as there will be loads of connectors attached to the back of it. Carefully unplug these and put the panel to one side out of the way.

Supra centre console removed

You should now be able to see the screws holding in the stereo.

Supra centre console bare

To remove the dials, remove the screw from either side of the white backing behind the dials. They will then pull out. Again, remove the connectors while pulling out the dials.

Supra remove dials

Reassembly is obviously just the reverse of this process. The only difficult bit is getting the main centre console panel to fit back in, and can take quite a lot of fiddling until it clips back in. Otherwise, it's fairly easy.

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