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Toyota MR2 Spark Plug Details

NGK Spark Plug BKR6EP8 NGK BKR6EP-8 Spark Plug

These details are for the Toyota MR2 Mk2 Rev 3 with the 3S-GE (non-turbo) engine.

The OEM replacement spark plugs are NGK BKR6EP8 (NGK BKR6EP-8) platinum spark plugs. The gap should be set at 0.8mm.

The gap of these plugs is pre-set to 0.8mm. I think that's what the 8 means in the part number. The box states you should not adjust the gap in case you damage the platinum electrode.

Box of Spark Plugs

NGK BKR6EIX Iridium spark plugs are also an option, but I've chosen to stick with the OEM platinum ones. The platinum plugs are more expensive (around £9.00 each), and the iridium plugs slightly less (around £7.00 each). Platinum spark plugs are supposed to last much longer than normal 2 quid plugs and are supposed to give more consistant performance over their life span.

The plugs are very easy to change. They're easily accessible from the top of the engine (see below) with your usual spark plug removing socket.

Which plugs to buy?

Plug Pictures

NGK Platinum BKR6EP-8 Plugs

NGK BKR6EP-8 Spark Plugs

Access to spark plugs is easy, provided you have a long enough socket set

Toyota MR2 Engine

Lead removed showing plug

Spark Plug Lead
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