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How To Remove The Inside Panel/Door Card On A Toyota MR2

This is quite straightforward and probably you don't need instructions of how to do this, but the pictures might be of some help if you're preparing to remove the door card interior panel on your Toyota MR2 Mk2. Perhaps to change the speakers or fix the electric windows or central locking etc. (The central locking packed up in my driver's door).

Toyota MR2 Door Panel Removal

The picture above shows the MR2 door card prior to removal. First, remove the big screws round the edge of the door panel in the spots marked with the red blobs in the picture, and the small screw behind the door handle, also marked with the red blob in the picture.

Next, remove the door pull handle. (As shown below). This was really difficult on door, so hopefully showing you what it's like behind the scenes will make it a bit more obvious which way to pull it. You might need to wash your hands to grip it hard enough, and maybe give it a helping hand by carefully jamming a screwdriver down the side. It needs removing straight upwards.

Toyota MR2 Door Pull Handle Toyota MR2 Door Pull Handle Removed

With all the door's screws removed, pull the grommets straight away from the door from the positions in the picture marked with green blobs. You should be able to pop these away easily by pulling the panel away from the door with your fingers.

Remove the door handle surround by pulling the handle as if you're opening the door, then levering it out. It's hooked on at the front end.

Toyota MR2 Cables In Door

Now the panel will be loose and you need to lift it upwards to unhook the top from the top of the door. The three cables all have plugs on that easily unplug from the door control panel and light. (See above).

Easy peasy. Refitting the door is easily done with the reverse of the process shown above. Hook the top of the panel over the top first, and give the green blob points in the picture a good thump with your fist.
As I said, hopefully the pictures will be helpful in showing how to remove the door panel, and the only difficult part on mine was removing the door pull handle.

Toyota MR2 Door Panel Removed
Page Updated 27/07/09