Sent-To Mail-Recipient Stopped Working In Thunderbird

Send To Mail Recipient

After a certain update to the Thunderbird email client, the Send To -> Mail Recipient stopped working from Windows Explorer.

To fix it, first try simply resetting the default Windows Email client as shown below:

Windows XP

  • Go to Start -> Control Panel.
  • Open Add or Remove Programs.
  • Click Set Program Access And Defaults.
  • Click Custom.
  • Change Choose a default email program from Use my current email program to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Click OK.
Add or remove programs

Windows Vista

This is different in Windows Vista. I believe you need to look for this in Default Programs in the Start menu. (Start typing default programs and you will find it.)

If It Still Doesn't Work

Another thing to try, is to check the DDLPath in the registry, details are here.

Page Updated 15/07/09