Hate Hate Hate

These are some things I really hate.

I hate diesel cars
Mr Angry
  1. Diesel cars. Stinking dirty filthy things belching coal and smoke.
  2. I hate people who spit in the street. Usually chavvy hoodie teenagers. Dirty scumbags.
  3. Petrol Prices
  4. Chips or parsnips in disguise?

    Mmmm... Chips... But wait, are they parsnips in disguise?

    Pigeons, the dirty vermin, eat grit and cigarettes, dump on my car and my balcony, and make that irritating cooing noise. I HATE that!
  5. SUVs / 4x4s. What kind of "Sport" is that S meant to stand for? The sport of being a pompous arrangant tosser? Range Rovers, Porsche Cayennes, BMW X5s and the like are the pinnacle of vulgarity. (See list of hateful cars at the bottom.)
  6. Spam. Not the pig-based variety, that's actually quite nice.
  7. Mosquitos.
  8. Indian call centres.
  9. Parsnips. I don't like the taste of parsnips, but that's not why I hate them. What I really hate about parsnips is that they sometimes disguise themselves as bits of roast potato or chips. What a major disappointment.
  10. Horses on the road. Not only are they moving roadblocks causing traffic chaos, but they are big, powerful creatures with a brain the size of a pea. That's a recipe for disaster if you ask me. Oh, and they deposit lovely brown hills of turd all over the road.
  11. Barking dogs. Especially dogs left barking for hours on end.
  12. Motorists who don't indicate when changing lanes or turning at a junction. Is it laziness? Are they oblivious? Or are they too self-important to have to bother letting us know which way they're going?
  13. Toilet roll

    Where's the end?

    Halifax adverts. Ok, I realise they're meant to be as annoying as possible, but I REALLY HATE them!
  14. Darius
  15. Noisy Mopeds. Especially the mopeds with microscopic engines which still manage to make a deafeningly piercing din. Usually ridden by drop out 16 year-olds.
  16. I really hate the way they weld the first sheet of bog paper onto the roll, so you absolutely cannot undo it without shredding half the roll into thin strips. Infuriating, especially when it's really urgent.


That's it for now, I'll add some more when I've calmed down a bit.

Hate Derv

Cars Wot I Really Hate

Here's my list of the most hateful "cars" ever to exist.

  1. Audi Q7
  2. BMW X6 (Have you seen one yet? You're in for a shock)
  3. Porsche Cayenne
  4. BMW X5
  5. Range Rover "Sport" (Ha ha)
  6. Range Rover
  7. Land Rover Freelander