A Deaf White Kitten Called Spot

Here's the progress of my kitten called "Spot". She's completely deaf, as are most white cats with blue eyes. This page might be of interest to you if you've discovered your kitten is deaf and are wondering about deaf cat behaviour.

How To Tell If Your Kitten Is Deaf?

To prove that a kitten or cat is deaf, see how they respond to the hoover. Spot will either completely ignore it, or if she's feeling playful, she will chase it around or climb on it. And this is a very loud hoover! Another thing to try is clapping very loudly when your kitten is asleep. (Although not closely enough that they could feel the vibration). If I clap loudly when Spot is asleep on top of the fridge she doesn't notice at all, but a very gently tap on the fridge will instantly wake her.


Deaf cats often meow very loudly, and Spot is no exception. She doesn't shout all the time, but is very loud when she wants some food, or when announcing she's about to go to the toilet. She also lets out a very loud involuntary MARE when she's overcome with pleasure due to being scratched under the chin. Extremely loud MARES are often produced as a sign of fascination or curiosity, such as when watching the tap dripping. I'm sure this is due to her deafness.

Spot generally gets along fine with regard to her deafness. She can be startled quite often as she doesn't hear people approaching. She still tends to point her ears in the direction she wants to pick up sound from, as do normal cats. For example, if she's sitting facing away from me but still knows I'm there, she will point her ears backwards to listen to sounds behind her. Pointless!

Letting deaf cats or kittens go outside is not advised due to worries about the traffic, but it's no bother for Spot, as she has to stay indoors anyway, being in an upstairs flat.

Other Cats

Spot has recently been introduced to another cat. Generally, they get along okay, but occasionally there's a hiss and growl from the other cat. Being deaf Spot doesn't take these threats at all seriously, because she can't hear them. She also follows the other cat around a lot, and always watches what she's doing. I think this is because when other cats (or people) are out of visual range, she has no idea where they are.

Spot was born on 27th June 2008

7 Weeks655g
8 Weeks794g
9 Weeks925g
10 Weeks1030g
11 Weeks1160g
12 Weeks1340g
13 Weeks1430g (After a big meal)
14 Weeks1403g
15 Weeks1565g
16 Weeks1745g
17 Weeks1765g
18 Weeks1808g
19 Weeks1885g
20 Weeks2010g
21 Weeks2070g
25 Weeks2330g
28 Weeks2435g
1 Year3670g


Spot's really well behaved in terms of carpet and furniture scratching, but disciplining a deaf cat is almost impossible! Being completely stone deaf, she won't be startled by loud sounds, so it's very difficult to tell her not to do something. Any attempts to tap her on the nose or push her away just end it lots of purring and the start of another game of attack-the-hand. Apparently, using a water pistol or plant sprayer is a good idea to discourage the usual naughty kitten behaviour, but I haven't tried that yet. I don't fancy spraying water over my TV.


One strange thing Spot used to do, aged 7 to 10 weeks, and suddenly stopped, is going to sleep under the duvet on my bed. Right in the middle. Every day, when coming home from work, I wouldn't be able to find her anywhere, but then found that she'd always emerge from the bed. I don't know if it's deaf kitten behaviour, but maybe she felt safer under there. Good job I didn't accidentally sit on her.

Heart Murmur

Upon her first visit to the vet's, Spot was diagnosed with a slight heart murmur. Apparently this is not uncommon, and the vet asked whether Spot is as active as she should be, as affected kittens and cats can be lacking in energy due to being out of breath. Often the murmur can gradually disappear as the kitten grows older. At Spot's "operation" at 7 months old, and there was no sign of the murmur. Hopefully it's gone away.


As a kitten, Spot had extremely long ear hair.


But now, she has extremely long foot hair.

Spot's Kitten Image Gallery

Click on the pictures for larger versions of each.

7 Weeks Old


8 Weeks Old


9 Weeks Old


11 Weeks Old


12 Weeks Old


14 Weeks Old


Monster Ear Hair

Monster kitten ear hair

Spot has record breaking ear hair. It actually grows this way to help aerodynamics. The ear-hair provides additional downforce when running at maximum speed.

Inside-out ear

She especially likes it when I turn her ears inside out so she can show off her ear-hair to fullest effect.


18 Weeks Old


25 Weeks Old


8 Months Old


1 Year!

Spot is now ONE! Interestingly, the grey splodge on the top of her head is now completely gone. Spot is not normally allowed outside due to her deafness, but on occasion she likes to sit in some mud. Under supervision, of course.


Blue Eyes To Green Eyes

Spot's eyes gradually turned from blue as a kitten to a greeny yellow over her first year, as you can see in the pictures. This proves that the deafness gene doesn't always cause blue eyes.

Deaf cat with gold eyes

Extremely Long Foot Hair

Now Spot is over a year old, her Monster Ear Hair seems to have retracted back into her ears and sprouted from between her toes. It's been replaced by extremely long foot hair. Not very lady-like is it?

Long cat foot hair

Also notice the small tufts of fur sprouting from between the toes.

Long cat foot hair

More Kitten Pictures!

There are plenty more pictures of Spot on the Pentax K-m Sample Kitten Photos page, so feel free to have a look there!


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She is beautiful! I am just about to adopt a deaf white kitten myself and your comments are really helpful! Thanks

Posted by suzy on Thursday, 13/08/09 @ 15:30pm | #47

Spot is so lovely and we are to thinking of getting a white kitten, i absolutely love the pictures you have shown as it gives us an idea of how she has grown up. SO SWEET!

Posted by Rach on Wednesday, 19/08/09 @ 17:07pm | #51

She's a gorgeous girl! I actually have a kitten who has ear fur to compete with hers!

Posted by Az on Friday, 21/08/09 @ 04:12am | #52

I recently got a white kitten and after about a week I noticed she doesn't wake up unless I touch her so I tried ripping paper behind her head and some other tests and she isn't reacting. Spot looks just like my kitten Opi. I Love the fur between the toes and the mighty hair in the ears. She chases shadows and pounces on the carpet when nothing is there. Haha.

Posted by kt on Friday, 4/09/09 @ 05:34am | #71

I had a deaf cat once and he had all the characteristics of your cat. Especially the LOUD meowing. He was the greatest cat EVER!!! I'm not a cat person (more of a dog person) but when my son and I found ANGEL in the garage, I couldn't help but to keep him. I didn't find out he was deaf until after his first vet appointment (which was a couple of weeks after we found him). I was very sad to see him pass on. He lived a good 12 years before passing this May. He will be missed!

Posted by Sabrina on Friday, 18/09/09 @ 23:21pm | #78

Gorgeous cat! Are her eyes turning more gold as she gets older or is does it just seem that way in the photos?

Posted by lbak on Saturday, 12/12/09 @ 02:36am | #116

Hi your cat is lovely, I also have 2 white cats and they are my babies. my little one of 5 months does the same thing goes under the duvet to hide when I get company as she is very nervous., don't know how she got their without any signs of movement, My cats are sisters but from different litters, they love each other so much, they are always kissing and cuddling up to each other, If I leave the room they both follow me cant get away from them, "but then I really love it " These are the 1st house cats I have ever had as I live in a flat, I would not part with them for a million pounds

Posted by Christine on Wednesday, 27/01/10 @ 15:53pm | #144

My cat, Keller, is identical to your beautiful Spot. He is a turkish angora with green eyes and is also deaf but doesn't make a lot of noise.

Posted by Shannon on Saturday, 6/02/10 @ 20:17pm | #146

hey thanks so much for the great page of info u have, i am looking at adopting a beautiful white boy with green eyes which we think is totally deaf, funny though it has a spot of tabby on his head like your spot!

Posted by debz on Wednesday, 17/03/10 @ 01:07am | #172

awww Spot is a cutie! I just adopted a white kitten, and she is also deaf :( . But I love her regardless, she also likes to sleep under my bed when Im not home. But my old cat used to do that, so I guess its a cat thing lol.Thanks for the info :)

Posted by yaya on Thursday, 8/04/10 @ 02:55am | #191

I think Spot is Beautiful and Specaial all animals are,,,but being he is Deaf that makes him more SPECIAL,,I adopted My Kitty Miss Lilly 10 days ago,,,I noticed after 3 days she is Deaf,,,shes 10 weeks old and is doing good she will follow me every where i couldnt imagine not to be able to Hear any thing,,, she does scratch me daily and I dont want to use the squirt gun on her,,but I decided today starting I will give it a try because Im scrathed up on my legs arms and hands took her to the vet had them trim her long nails and their already long again,,,im afraid to do them by my self,,,so Im also going to get a cat scrater carpet for her tomorrow,,,I definately dont believe in having her declawed,,,this procedure is still legal in the U.S. its so sad,,,poor kitties,,,I think you are a Great Mom for Spot you both have been Blessed!!!! Thax for spots pic. he is so cute,,,Good Luck to Both of You,,,,

Posted by char on Saturday, 17/04/10 @ 07:37am | #201

I was reading what you had to say after thinking my kitten is deaf and it came to my attantion that she is then i looked at the pictures o your kitten I kid you not my kitten looks just like yours he is only 3 months old but even has the same black spot on his head nice to see what my kitten is going to look like in the near future spot is a very nice looking cat :)

Posted by Pam on Wednesday, 19/05/10 @ 02:46am | #260

Hi my name is Darrin from Auckland New Zealand we have a 10 week old kitten named sophie and she looks exactly like Spot.Just recently figured out that she was deaf and was just reading your column.I would just like to thank you for all the information you have gathered and shared with everybody.Thanks and all the best for you and Spot.

Posted by Darrin on Thursday, 27/05/10 @ 04:52am | #294

hello all cat lovers have a white cat the same as spot female is 12 months old the vet said was dumped up near our farm think it is deaf as it meows loud not wanting a this cat am looking for a good home for her the farm is not the place for her as we have dogs on the farm, we have call it kit kat if you are looking for a white cat she is yours. PS is shorthair would make a good house cat looks pretty and small build contact by email.

Posted by garry on Sunday, 30/05/10 @ 09:11am | #299

Hi! I was wondering what kind of cat Spot is, because we got a cat for Easter, and we don't know what breed she is, and she looks almost exactly like Spot. She isn't deaf, but she has amber eyes and looks exactly like Spot in the 2nd picture you put for "8 Months Old."
If you could tell me Spot's breed, that would be very helpful.

Posted by HKP on Wednesday, 9/06/10 @ 00:28am | #309


She's no special breed, as far as I know. Apparently the v.e.t. have her down as a British domestic short-hair or something like that. Although I wouldn't necessarily agree with the "short-hair" bit.

Spot's nothing special. :-)

Posted by Jack Frost on Wednesday, 9/06/10 @ 10:48am | #310

I rescued a kitten (about 4-5 weeks old) from the stables this morning. His mom doesn't want to care for him and after 3 days of seeing him alone in the hay miauling like mad I decided to take him home. He's eating by himself but won't pee yet by himself. I'd like to send you a picture because he looks exactly like yours did as a wee babe, grey shading on the head and all.

Posted by Marie C. Morin on Wednesday, 23/06/10 @ 21:56pm | #343

Hi I have just read your advice it is a big help. We just got a white kitten "millie" who is 4 months old and today I have realised she is deaf. looking at your pictures of spot she is so similar and as you said today she wasn't bothered by the hoover which started me thinking. she doesnt know your there unless you touch her but she is very sweet. My daughter is a little upset that she is deaf as she is her kitten but we will love millie all the more

Posted by Kat on Monday, 9/08/10 @ 22:09pm | #416

hi love the pic of your cat, my cat lillie is three years old and is also deaf,she has just had kittens (3) two black and white ones, and one pure white,they are 2days old,i dont know yet if the little white one is deaf ,but i know that she will bring as much pleasure as lillie has xxxx,

Posted by chris on Wednesday, 11/08/10 @ 19:21pm | #423

hello my name is connie and i am deaf let you know me that i want one deaf kitten short hair thank you connie

Posted by connie Dullenty on Sunday, 15/08/10 @ 18:49pm | #427

wow...looking online how to deal with a deaf cat and came accross your cat also looks just like yours except was born without a tail..hence his name "Bob"..same spot on head as well...surprised to see postings of so many with same trait! I'm having trouble training - your info was very enlightening. thanx

Posted by Teri on Friday, 3/12/10 @ 08:32am | #698

Just adopted a white kitten with blue eyes. He is also deaf. i find that he is very anxious and runs everytime i approach him, he also hides really well so at the moment he has his own bedroom as he is so small id never find him. do you have any advise on how to communicate with him and how to gain his trust?


Posted by Elisa Huyton on Friday, 3/12/10 @ 19:53pm | #701


Hi Elisa,

Congratulations on your new family member! My best advice would be to let him have his own hiding places out of the way, which out sounds like he has, and just give it time. He'll become more comfortable with time. I'd also say don't startle him. Tap on the floor or something before you approach him so he knows you're there. After months or years you'll be amazed at the sensitivity they develop to the tiniest vibrations.

Good luck!

Posted by Jack Frost on Friday, 3/12/10 @ 20:12pm | #702

I have a cat who's deaf, his name is Waldo. My parents are deaf, and I've had two deaf cats in the past who unfortunately died. Waldo is very much like them except he has a black spot on his head, similar to Spot... I was looking up why that might be, considering deaf cats are usually 100% white, and this site is what I was led to. I love your cat, she's adorable!!! Anyway, the blackness is going away (I think, unless it just seems that way since he's getting bigger) but it's so unusual!!

Posted by kayla on Wednesday, 22/12/10 @ 17:36pm | #788

I enjoyed your pics a great deal. Our cat looks so much like yours. He also had the black spot on the top of his head which was shaped like a dress. That spot also went away when he turned a year old. But , he is not deaf.

Posted by Kim Osborne on Sunday, 9/01/11 @ 00:30am | #854

I've also got a white kitten just like yours and after reading this article, i realised my kitten has the same features with long ear and feet hairs, but im sure she does have hearing but unaware whether she will loose it over time.

Posted by Zoe on Tuesday, 1/03/11 @ 20:02pm | #1027

hi I have a white cat his name is Simba he is a manx X oriental he isnt deaf. He is the most affectionate cat he loves rubbing his head into yours and he does it to all of my other animals, I have another cat called Star she is a Tonkanese I also have 2 dogs Skye a malteseXshih and a blue heeler. Skye and Simba just love each other.I have had another white cat .he was a White Foreign Shorthair called Snowflake he was just the best cat. Your Spot is just beautiful.

Posted by sharon on Tuesday, 8/03/11 @ 13:50pm | #1052

I rescued 2 white kittens 9 months ago and just realized the green eyed girl is deaf but her blue eyed brother is not. Your information was helpful and Spot's pics adorable. Snoops Pie can't hear herself meow but I think eveybody else does. The boy cat, Skittles, will probably keep his hearing due to his obvious Oriental background. The kittens have a few cousins, white with a gray spot between the ears, that I hope aren't deaf. Thanks Spot, you've educated another animal lover.

Posted by Virginia on Tuesday, 5/04/11 @ 01:06am | #1159


Like many of the above comments I too have a deaf white cat. His name is Bob. He adopted us when he was 10 months old and he's been with us for a couple of months now.

He settled in really quickly, has taken over my comfy armchair as his own, talks really loudly, has got through several collars already and often comes back in at night filthy dirty with a guilty look on his face (typical boy !)

He has no problems being out on his own but obviously its difficult to shout him last thing at night becuase he can't hear !

He's a very sociable cat and everyone who has been round over the last couple of months has taken to him.

Thanks for the advice I've found on your site - its always good to be able to share experiences with other

Posted by Pete W on Saturday, 9/04/11 @ 11:51am | #1173

We just got an adorable white kitten named Romeo and we've just discovered that he is deaf. He is six weeks old and well be taking another trip to the vet to conform our suspicions. He has the same behaviour as spot. Especially when you out of his line of sight he will just meow hysterically until you step back into his view. I informed the woman we got him from to check his sister for deafness and she actually offered to take him back! Of course I said no. We've only had him 4 days but I'm so in live with him and his deafness just makes him more special

Posted by Taylor, Monroe LA on Saturday, 14/05/11 @ 17:29pm | #1268

Beautiful!!! sp preasious!! I have been looking to adopt a cat preferably white or light gray but i really want a deaf cat.. and suggestion on where to find one?? thank you so much! ur have a beautiful baby!

Posted by Amber on Tuesday, 24/05/11 @ 14:23pm | #1294

I rescued a nine week old white kitten with a black on his head and 2 different colored eyes.
I was told he wasn't deaf. After a few days,I thought he might be.
Your Hoover test was all the proof I needed. He stood on it while I turned it on and off. He looked at me funny when I would turn it off. I think he liked the vibration!
Our little guy is Ziggy Stardust!
Thanks and your Spot is so beautiful.

Posted by Patti on Tuesday, 7/06/11 @ 23:28pm | #1336

Hi my name is annie and I help with the cat sterilization program
of stray cats here in spain. There are a lot of abandoned cats here
and of course they have kittens which we try to home.

We have a 10week all white kitten at the moment who seems to be
deaf, she is very beautiful and if there is anybody out there who
can give her a good home please get in touch, We could probably organise transport.
thanks annie

Posted by annie on Friday, 10/06/11 @ 08:44am | #1337

I also have a beautiful white deaf cat, he does have blue and amber eyes. I am looking for help with his behavior issues I adopted him at 6 months of ages a month after a hind leg amputation and only found out about the deafness later. He is aloof and loud I have bought every toy and thing I can to interest him. At every opportunity he tries to get outside am I helping him or slowly and painfully torturing him? He bites and scratches. We do not pick him up anymore, but he likes an ear rub every now and again but it only lasts a couple of minutes. He looks for attention and follows me about but does not trust me. I do not know why he had the leg amputated or why he was at the pound!! We have been together for a year. In Sydney it costs $660 an hour for a cat therapist!! He is my baby and there is alot of time and effort I have put in and more to go but just no cash. I would appreciate any advice

Posted by Nc on Thursday, 30/06/11 @ 14:32pm | #1396

I've just adopted a completely deaf, white kitten. We didn't know she was deaf but it soon became apparent! She also has one blue eye and one grey eye, which we learnt can indicate deafness.
This blog has really helped me to know how to teach her. I look forward to lots of loud MARES! Thanks x

Posted by Molly on Sunday, 17/07/11 @ 16:06pm | #1471

It would seem to me that spots ear and feet hair is not something to do with deafness I would say it is because she has main coon In her, which are both maine coon traites, I breed them and all my cats are like this

Posted by Karen on Wednesday, 20/07/11 @ 16:06pm | #1474

I've just adopted a white Kitten with a splodge on his head like Spot. We've called him Tommie and he is 7 weeks old. At the moment he has bluey/green eyes. My husband first noticed that he might be deaf. He is very affectionate and playfull at the moment. We have made loud claps and torn paper behind him but got no response. I haven't tried the hoover thing yet.we banged my sons drums but rather than be afraid Tommie just wanted to play with the sticks. I wanted a white cat because I had one in the past but he got run over at the age of 18 months. Its possible he was deaf too as he was quite naughty and demonstrated the characters that have been describe on here(but lovely too). My son is quite upset as he is worried Tommie may get hurt but I have explained we will just have to love him and protect him even more.

Posted by kerry on Monday, 15/08/11 @ 19:20pm | #1566

It's been great reading everyones experiences with regards to hearing-impaired white cats. We just adopted a 7yr. old with mixed eye color who seems to be so herself. The 1st. day she meowed or rather screeched loudly in her "safe-room". The next morning we opened the door and she came downstairs took a look and went back to her room. It was if she just needed to see her new whereabouts and then seemed calmer. I'm a little afraid if I can handle this. She's had years being deaf but it's new for me to relate to a deaf cat. Will she make a good house cat for our family? Can she be happy in our home? I guess it's one day at a time.

Posted by Rhonda on Monday, 3/10/11 @ 18:36pm | #1742

I've just adopted a white kitten with odd coloured eyes .hes about 8 week old and is deaf. hes meow's very loudly when he wants food.or the toilet, he will not be going outside unless hes on a harness. hes called ziggy stardust.

Posted by cathy peters on Tuesday, 29/11/11 @ 14:50pm | #2088

what breed is this cat????

Posted by cat lover on Tuesday, 6/12/11 @ 02:45am | #2162


I don't actually know and i can't find out. Looks like Maine Coon or at least part Maine Coon.

Posted by Jack Frost on Tuesday, 6/12/11 @ 09:04am | #2164

Hi! I stumbled across your site after looking for deaf cat accessories! My heart went out to Spot who is just the cutest! Is a very similar story with my deaf white kitten, Prince. He is almost 5 months old and is completely deaf. He has one green eye - the same colour as your Spot - but the other eye is still blue. He has a brother from the same litter who did not get the deafness gene and is very boisterous and loving and they have fun playing together, Prince usually follows his brother about and attempts to do what he does. :) His brother has really helped Prince in assisting him to wash, covering his loo up for him if Prince fails to do it himself. Thankfully Prince followed suit of the siblings when born and was easy to litter train. I had to comment as Spot sounds a lot like my Prince :) Hope Spot is doing well!

Posted by Jenna on Saturday, 4/02/12 @ 09:05am | #3027

Sign Language! Spot reminds me of my Krissy cat (she passed away five years ago) except she could hear. But I still taught her sign language - just a few hand movements for "kiss", "petting her head", "scratching her chin", "jump up", etc. I would communicate with her from across a room that I loved her or I wanted her to do something. Try it - it works!

Posted by Michelle L. on Saturday, 3/03/12 @ 17:38pm | #3515

Thanks a lot for all the pictures! she is so beautiful! and i hope she is doing great! please upload more pictures so we can continue to see her! :D

Greetings from El Salvador

Posted by Paola Montenegro on Tuesday, 24/04/12 @ 15:37pm | #4293

I have three white Maine coons which I brought from a breeder
After getting them home the vet comfirmed they were only three weeks old and not 6 weeks as the breeder had said . So there diet all changed and they were put on formula . I notice one was not bothered at all by the Hoover and also wouldn't run to me when I came in the room , it became apparent that he was deaf this was so sad as he was going to be my daughters cat and was brought as company for her kitten. But
We decided it was fairer to keep Alfie with his two brothers to see if he could have a normal life. At four months old they were all keen to go out so I buttered there paws something I had been told years ago to do so they don't just run off they luck there paws slowly and leave a butter trail . This Allways works well and I've never lists a cat I
Was so worried about Alfie going out seeing he was deaf but I
Decided at night was best because he would see the car head lights and I hoped would move so I put all three kittens out and I watched as they played at first in the garden then three nights later they went off my heart sank would he be ok. The next morning at 6 I heard the loudest miow I ran from my bed to find Alfie sitting in the door mat purring. I called for Casper and pyro his brothers and all came running in. Alfie seems to sleep more than the others and adores being cuddled by me . But he also loves his freedom and since that first time I have watched him following his brothers and moving out if the road when his brothers do. I couldn't keep him in if I wanted now as he loves the outside. I've teaches him sign language and he knows hello and come to me. He also understand playtime and he is only nine months old . His favourite sleeping places are with me and my arm around him or in the bottom of the curtain with it wrapped around him . I would never part with my boys now. Alfie has blue eyes pyro has goldy yellow and Casper one blue and one yellow . But Alfie is the only deaf one xx

Posted by Paula on Wednesday, 18/09/13 @ 16:39pm | #9897

I stumbled upon your website while looking up deaf white kitten with tuft of grey hair between the ears. Four weeks ago a found a white kitten, about 6 weeks old then, in the middle of the road. Poor little thing could have been killed by a car. She looks exactly like your kitten. She is in my mothers house, and she already has a cat that is 14 years old, and this Senior cat is taking her resentment, of the new cat, out on my mother. The senior cat will hiss at the new kitten and refuses to be in the same room as her. I think I now have a home for the deaf white kitten, but am reluctant to let her go, as she is so cute. Your pictures have made me even all the more anxious to hold onto her. I love the way the hair gets longer in spots. Fascinating the way the eyes change. When you lift her up she will sit on your shoulder, or else will spread her two front legs out against your chest to give you a hug. So cute!, Anyway, enjoyed reading your story,

Posted by Mary on Saturday, 5/10/13 @ 21:20pm | #9998

My little deaf one is a Tortie named Annie. She's has a wonderfully sweet disposition and all my other cats adore her. My little girl is very quiet. The vet told me it can go either way, huge meows or very tiny ones. It always warms my heart to hear her little "mare" when she wants some love. She is skittish about anyone touching her ears but likes to be propped on my shoulder as I talk into her body. I try to say things that cause puffs of air against her fur and she seems to like that as well. I laughed at your description of discipline. It can be so frustrating! Annie is a little over a year old now and has come to know some hand signals and a bit of "face reading". I love all my furbabes, but she is special. Give Spot a hug from us.

Posted by Lynn on Saturday, 9/11/13 @ 10:50am | #10150

I have a deaf kitten called Diesel. I had him as a rescue at 7 wks old. We didn't know he was deaf when we had him but after only a few hours I realised something was different about him. He is 6 months old now & is a very loving, boisterous kitty. At first I was heartbroken for him as he would have to be an indoor cat,[I have 4 other cats]while the other cats go out.But I have had to be very careful as he tries to escape sometimes. Diesel is a dark charcoal grey & at 7 wks he had huge hairy ears which he has "grown into". He doesn't realise he is different & people who don't know would never think he is deaf.From the moment I realised she was deaf I started reading up on other deaf cats & have managed to teach her some basic sign language. My friends think I'm mad but it does work! I love all my cats & am happy that Diesel has settled with us. I wouldn't be without him now. Lots of love to Spot.

Posted by sian morris on Saturday, 9/11/13 @ 17:46pm | #10151

Thank you for sharing this! We just figured out that our four month kitten, Little Mike is completely deaf. His behavior and vocals are spot on with Spot!

Posted by Jacqueline on Saturday, 16/11/13 @ 04:34am | #10178

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