Spam Messages and Nuisence Callers Numbers

There is nothing more annoying than getting a sales call or a spam text message offering discount kitchens, especially if it wakes you up. I'm going to collect here the b******s' numbers so perhaps you will find it and realise who that missed call was from...

Please feel free to leave any other spammer's numbers below

Wipe off your debts! Spam text messages
GM Connect? Sales calls
08454122750 +448454122750
Either T-Mobile, or as I suspect more likely, someone pretending to be T-Mobile trying to play one of those scams where they sell you an "upgrade" but actually somehow sign you up for another contract. Anyway, they call me 3 times in a row, exactly ten minutes apart. If you ever answer this call, it's just infuriating silence.
Kitchens Direct well known for spam sales calling
Wipe off your debts! Seems like the spammers have a new phone number.
"Free Msg; Our records indicate you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To claim free reply with PI to this message. To opt out text STOP"
OPTICAL EXPRESS: Win FREE laser eye surgery in May! Reply EYES at the standard cost of a text. Entry FREE. To opt out reply STOP. Terms:
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