Signs With Spelling Mistakes

Silly Signs

And here we have evidence of just how stupid some imbeciles are. Idiotic spelling, bad grammar, it's all here on these signs! Please email me similar pictures to add to the collection! My email address is disguised at the bottom of the page.

First off, a classic. This sign was in fact designed by a chimpanzee working for a local "Wilco,s"

Post Box Sign Spelling

It's the sheer scale of this sign that makes it all the more amazing

Used Cars Sign Spelling

Another huge sign at the same garage

MOT's Sign Spelling

Oh dear.

Taps Sign Spelling

A subtle one, yet still unforgivable due to its location

Train Sign Spelling

What's a tomatoe?

Tomatoe Menu Spelling

Okay, it's not the end of the world, but still worthy of inclusion on this page

Overide Switch Spelling

Thanks to Cyril for this contribution.

Overide Switch Spelling

Which ponce did the stickers for this van?

Rapid Responce

No parking on yellow grid's what?

Yellow Grid's

Ok, this was at a beer festival, so beer could be to blame for this.


Great! This must have been a joke! Mustn't it? Sadly, I think it wasn't a joke. ("Notice" the spelling mistake too!)

No signs on fence

Thanks Henry for this contribution.
As he says, "each line like another stab in the face".

Lame Sign

Another one spotted by Henry.
Sand-what? At least they are apologising for the inconvenience of their spelling.

Sand what?

Perhaps they actually mean it?
Somehow, I don't think so.

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