Sage ODBC Drivers Missing In Control Panel

This had me baffled for a short while. I was trying to install a Sage ODBC data source into Control Panel in Windows Server 2008 64 bit and the Sage Drivers were missing. Normally, you install Sage, or the Sage ODBC drivers setup program and the drivers are listed as driver options in the Add Data Source Name dialogue in ODBC Data Source Administrator. Only they were missing. The drivers must have worked, because Sage itself works OK.

I eventually found that because this was Windows Server 64bit the 32bit ODBC Control Panel items are held separately. Open Control Panel, then look for "View 32-bit Control Panel Items". In there you'll find the old 32 bit ODBC administrator. This also applies to other 64 bit versions of Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP.


Sage driver is missing
32 Bit Control Panel Items
Sage Line 50 v17 driver

Still Missing

Is the driver still not there even when you use the 32 bit ODBC administrator from control panel? Try running this:


Page Updated 26/09/11