Polaroid FLU-3232 Hidden Factory Settings Menu

Polaroid Factory Menu Buttons

This is how to get into the hidden factory settings menu on a Polaroid LCD TV model FLU-3232. It might work on other Polaroid TVs, I don't know. It exposes lots of hidden settings, most of which appear to either do nothing, do something pointless, or mess up your TV. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to speed up the annoyingly slow volume control. If you have one of these TVs, you'll know what I mean!

Using the buttons on the side of the TV, with the TV turned on, press and hold the volume-up and channel-up buttons simultaneously until the factory menu appears.

Don't change settings in here unless you know what you're doing. Don't blame me if you mess up your telly.

Factory Menu

After holding down the keys listed above, the menu appears with this new option in the Setup menu.

Factory Menu

This is the main Factory menu.

Factory Menu

This is the hidden Display menu. Color Temperature is the same as in the standard menu. I guess you might want to change the brightness of the backlight to use less electricity or make less heat! Adjusting the backlight brightness does give you some more scope for tweaking the picture to how you like it though. The comb filter doesn't appear to have any effect on my TV. I think that might only if you have a DVD player connected via composite. Flesh tone strangely doesn't make any difference to flesh tones, instead making greens and blues horribly bright.

Factory Menu

This is the "Advance" menu. I guess they mean "Advanced". Burn-in settings are for when the TV is brand new. Adaptive Luma Control appears to make a slight difference in that black objects appear darker. Black Level Extender and White Peak Limiter don't seem to make any difference on my set-up. At least I think they mean "White Peak Limiter" and not "White Peak Limitator"!

Factory Menu

This is second page of the "Advanced" menu above. I don't know what any of this does. "Seamless" brings up yet another menu full of weird baffling settings that I don't understand.

There are various hidden sound settings too, including reverb settings. All very pointless. You can set it to sound like you're in a concert hall, or a toilet, or whatever.

Again, please leave this stuff alone if you don't know what these things do.

Have fun!

Page Updated 09/12/08