Piccolink Picco RF601 and Base Station Info

I will add here any useful bits of information about the Piccolink Picco RF601 scanner and base station. Information on these devices is frustratingly hard to find.

Here's a quick reminder of how to get into the settings menu on the Piccolink Picco RF601 barcode scanner. (Also applies to the older RF600 I think). Here you can change settings like the screen contrast, beep and battery settings, and RF settings such as the channel ID. The default code for the menu is 0000.

Key Combinations

  • Settings Menu: SHIFT + 0
  • Reset Picco: SHIFT + DEL
  • Default code: 0000 (although sometimes documented as 1234)

RF601 Base Station

In case you're using the ethernet connected version of the RF601 base station, you edit the settings via the "Digi Connect" web interface.

  • Web Interface Default Username: root
  • Web Interface Default Password: dbps

The default port to use when connecting the base station to the scanners via enternet is TCP Port 2101.

Page Updated 22/07/10