Panasonic DMR-EX75 Fault Receiver Broken Freeview Not Working

Oct 2011

I thought I'd share how I fixed my Panasonic DMR-EX75 Freeview Receiver, which might be of interest to you if yours has stopped receiving Freeview channels completely.

One day the receiver just suddenly refused to receive any Freeview channels. Scanning for new channels found nothing. Resetting to factory defaults and doing a Setup Restart still found no channels, so it appeared to have a fault.

I found on AVForums that others had had the same problem and suggested how to fix it. I figured that being faced with the cost or a new PVR, it would be worth a go at trying to fix it. Credit for this goes to those on AVForums.

Open up the DMR-EX75 top panel. Carefully remove the ribbon connectors from around the edge of the green circuit board in the middle, inbetween the DVD drive and hard drive. Remove the screws and remove the green circuit board. Underneath, you might find a blown capacitor and if so, you might as well give it a go replacing it. The top of the capacitor had expanded outwards on mine.

6.3V 680uF 105c electrolytic radial Capacitor

The replacement capacitor you'll need if it's the same one that went on my DMR-EX75 is a 6.3V 680uF 105c electrolytic radial Capacitor.

Unclip the front panel, remove the hard drive and DVD drive and all the screws from the rear panel that connect into the main board. Eventually you'll be able to lift the board up. You can find which points to un-solder because the capacitor is marked with a number on both sides of the board. Replace the blown capacitor, making sure to put the new one round the right way.

Hope that works for you, it fixed mine and saved me a packet!

Panasonic DMR-EX75 in bits Solder on the new capacitor Replaced the blown capacitor
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