Music Page

Some tracks produced by me fiddling with knobs, and some DJ mixes.


A few of the least worst or my tracks from over the years.

Around 2007ish


A list of the equipment, in order of how much the stuff is used. All of it is fresh from the museum.

  • Emu ESI2000 Sampler
  • Alesis MMT-8 Sequencer
  • Akai S3000XL Sampler
  • Yamaha QX-21 Sequencer
  • Behringer 1202FX Mixer
  • 2 x Zoom 1201 Multi-Effects
  • Evolution MK249C2 Midi Controller Keyboard
  • Yamaha RY10 Drum Machine
  • Boss DR202 Drum Machine
  • Kawai K1-R Rack Synth
  • Laptop
  • Enough cables to stretch almost to the moon

Really Old - Around 1992

These were done with an old 286 PC with Fasttracker 2 software and a Gravis Ultrasound sound card piped through a little Fostex mixer and crap effects unit.

DJ Mixes

Here are some DJ mixes compiled with the Numark DJ2Go USB Mixer.

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