Multiple Columns In A Sub-Report

Here's how to create a sub-report within Crystal Reports containing multiple columns. This information applies to Crystal Reports version 9, but probably also applies to other versions.

Multiple Column Example

Crystal Sub Report
Example report showing a two column sub-report in a detail section. When more data is added, the sub-report will stretch the section downwards adding rows but keeping two columns across.


Firstly, add your sub-report and select its data and grouping with the sub-report wizard as required. Place the sub-report in one of the sections on your report, then set its width to the required width. In the example above, I'm using about half the page width. Double-click to edit the sub-report. Right-click the detail section and choose "Section Expert".

Sub-report Section Expert

Sub-report section expert dialogue Tick "Format With Multiple Columns", and a new "Layout" tab appears. Click the "Layout" tab...

Layout Tab

Sub-report section expert layout tab

In the layout tab, choose a detail "Width" appropriately. You can see in the example above that the sub-report has a width just over 10cm, so I'm choosing a detail width of 5cm to give me two columns. Press OK and Crystal Reports will repeat the detail width-wise across the screen. When the report is run, the records will be filled so that two records fit across width-wise.

Hey presto. Hope that was of some use to you.