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Mondeo Gaffer Tape

Welcome to the strange world of Mondeo With Gaffer Tape. What is this strange phenomenon? Why are the nation's Mondeos increasingly being spotted with Gaffer Tape clinging to their bumpers? Why is Gaffer Tape sweeping across the nation's Mondeos? This recently discovered Mondeo disease has now reached epidemic proportions and I worry it may spread to other models.

UPDATE! Some invaluable information has been submitted providing an interesting insight into the development of symptons and possible cure! See the Case Study.
Mondeo Gaffer (Gaffa) Tape Example.

Here, we shall look at some fascinating examples of Ford's Mondeo apparently being held together with Gaffer Tape, (or Gaffa tape, if you prefer).

Some Gaffer Tape Examples

Example 1

Gaffer Tape Mondeo

First we will kick off with a prime example of gaffer tapeage. This Mondeo was recently spotted with all four corners afflicted with Gaffer Tape acne. A truly fine example.


Example 2

Gaffer Tape Mondeo

Here we have a Mondeo in the early stages of Gaffer Tape disease. If caught at this early stage, I suspect the problem could be avoided, but sadly all too often this results in full-on Gaffer Tape-ism.


Further Examples

Some further fine examples of Mondeo With Gaffer Tape.

Christmas Gaffer Tape Mondeo

This Mondeo was spotted on the run up to Christmas. Ok, not actually gaffer tape, but worth of inclusion none-the-less.

Gaffer Tape Mondeo

This Mondeo proves that Gaffer Tape Mondeo disease in no way affects the mobility of those Mondeos afflicted. (On the other hand, this Mondeo could be in its final death throws.)

Gaffer Tape Mondeo - Repair Me!
Gaffer Tape Cracked Bumper Mondeo
Gaffer Tape Split Bumper Mondeo

Thanks to Alan for spotting this Mondeo.

Gaffer Tape Packing Tape Mondeo

Here's an unusual one, having TWO types of tape holding itself together. On the near corner you can see packing tape, and the far corner the usual gaffer tape.
Thanks to Chris for submitting this.

Gaffer Tape Packing Tape Mondeo Smashed
Gaffa Tape Mondeo Broken Bumper Thanks to Cyril for submitting this.
Gaffa Tape Mondeo Split Bumper Another great Mondeo snapped by Cyril. Looks like an ST24 or ST200, which proves it affects the best of 'em.
Gaffa Tape Mondeo Bumper Crack This was sent in by Phil. What's going on with that label, eh?
Ford Mondeo Bumper Cracked Another bumper pic from Alan.
Non-Gaffer-Tape bumper repair Alan, an expert on this condition, has spotted this Mondeo. No, it's not gaffer taped specimin, but it's bound to end up that way.
Ford Mondeo Bumper covered up with tape These Mondeos certainly don't seem to be a dying breed.
Gaffer tape repair Gaffer tape repair Gaffer tape repair Thanks to Cliff for submitting these pictures. Cliff actually has a domesticated one of these as a pet.
Mondeo bumper repaired with gaffa tape

Case Study

UPDATE! Here we have a case study provided by Deadlok. He has very helpfully submitted these pictures and information explaining the development of the Mondeo disease.
Mondeo Case Study

This Mondeo belonging to Deadlok suddenly took a turn for the worse when the front corner of its bumber was literally "smashed off". Here you can see the internal organs of the Mondeo exposed.

Mondeo Case Study

This shot shows where Deadlok has dressed the wound. In his words: "I filled it with packaging foam and taped over it lol".
Clearly a very traumatic ordeal.

Mondeo Case Study

But here we can see that with an operation and intensive therapy the disease can be cured!


Before and After

Before and after treatment for Mondeo disease

Here we can see the progression of symptoms during the treatment and rehabilitation of a badly afflicted Mondeo. The recent cold snap has caused a worsening of Gaffer Tape Mondeo symptoms. Thanks to Beulah for pictures and information.

Nocturnal Behaviour

Mondeo Bumper Hole This Mondeo belongs to Andy, who kindly sent in these images along with his comment below. Interestingly, he proved that some of those unfortunate afflicted specimins exhibit nocturnal behaviour. Mondeo Gaffa Tape At Night
Thanks to Lee for submitting these pictures of his Mondeo. Witness here the transformation from "Mint" Mondeo to racing car, akin to a caterpillar emerging as a beautiful butterfly from its chrysalis. You'd struggle to tell the end result apart from Alain Menu's BTCC Mondeo. Thanks again Lee, superb.

Lee's Mondeo Lee's Mondeo Lee's Mondeo Lee's Mondeo


Mondeos with Gaffer Tape is a strange and fascinating phenomenon, I'm sure you'll agree. Studies into Gaffer Tape condition are still in their infancy, so if you feel you can help with our research, feel free to contribute Mondeo pictures of your own, should you spot any interestingly afflicted examples. Email them to us at jack (at) .

Page Updated 20/07/13