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Mondeo With Gaffer Tape

Mondeo Gaffer Tape

Welcome to the strange world of Mondeo With Gaffer Tape. What is this strange phenomenon? Why are the nation's Mondeos increasingly being spotted with Gaffer Tape clinging to their bumpers? Why is Gaffer Tape sweeping across the nation's Mondeos? This recently discovered Mondeo disease has now reached epidemic proportions and I worry it may spread to other models.

UPDATE! Some invaluable information has been submitted providing an interesting insight into the development of symptons and possible cure! See the Case Study.
Mondeo Gaffer (Gaffa) Tape Example.

Here, we shall look at some fascinating examples of Ford's Mondeo apparently being held together with Gaffer Tape, (or Gaffa tape, if you prefer).

Some Gaffer Tape Examples

Example 1

Gaffer Tape Mondeo

First we will kick off with a prime example of gaffer tapeage. This Mondeo was recently spotted with all four corners afflicted with Gaffer Tape acne. A truly fine example.


Example 2

Gaffer Tape Mondeo

Here we have a Mondeo in the early stages of Gaffer Tape disease. If caught at this early stage, I suspect the problem could be avoided, but sadly all too often this results in full-on Gaffer Tape-ism.


Further Examples

Some further fine examples of Mondeo With Gaffer Tape.

Christmas Gaffer Tape Mondeo

This Mondeo was spotted on the run up to Christmas. Ok, not actually gaffer tape, but worth of inclusion none-the-less.

Gaffer Tape Mondeo

This Mondeo proves that Gaffer Tape Mondeo disease in no way affects the mobility of those Mondeos afflicted. (On the other hand, this Mondeo could be in its final death throws.)

Gaffer Tape Mondeo - Repair Me!
Gaffer Tape Cracked Bumper Mondeo
Gaffer Tape Split Bumper Mondeo

Thanks to Alan for spotting this Mondeo.

Gaffer Tape Packing Tape Mondeo

Here's an unusual one, having TWO types of tape holding itself together. On the near corner you can see packing tape, and the far corner the usual gaffer tape.
Thanks to Chris for submitting this.

Gaffer Tape Packing Tape Mondeo Smashed
Gaffa Tape Mondeo Broken Bumper Thanks to Cyril for submitting this.
Gaffa Tape Mondeo Split Bumper Another great Mondeo snapped by Cyril. Looks like an ST24 or ST200, which proves it affects the best of 'em.
Gaffa Tape Mondeo Bumper Crack This was sent in by Phil. What's going on with that label, eh?
Ford Mondeo Bumper Cracked Another bumper pic from Alan.
Non-Gaffer-Tape bumper repair Alan, an expert on this condition, has spotted this Mondeo. No, it's not gaffer taped specimin, but it's bound to end up that way.
Ford Mondeo Bumper covered up with tape These Mondeos certainly don't seem to be a dying breed.
Gaffer tape repair Gaffer tape repair Gaffer tape repair Thanks to Cliff for submitting these pictures. Cliff actually has a domesticated one of these as a pet.
Mondeo bumper repaired with gaffa tape

Case Study

UPDATE! Here we have a case study provided by Deadlok. He has very helpfully submitted these pictures and information explaining the development of the Mondeo disease.
Mondeo Case Study

This Mondeo belonging to Deadlok suddenly took a turn for the worse when the front corner of its bumber was literally "smashed off". Here you can see the internal organs of the Mondeo exposed.

Mondeo Case Study

This shot shows where Deadlok has dressed the wound. In his words: "I filled it with packaging foam and taped over it lol".
Clearly a very traumatic ordeal.

Mondeo Case Study

But here we can see that with an operation and intensive therapy the disease can be cured!


Before and After

Before and after treatment for Mondeo disease

Here we can see the progression of symptoms during the treatment and rehabilitation of a badly afflicted Mondeo. The recent cold snap has caused a worsening of Gaffer Tape Mondeo symptoms. Thanks to Beulah for pictures and information.

Nocturnal Behaviour

Mondeo Bumper Hole This Mondeo belongs to Andy, who kindly sent in these images along with his comment below. Interestingly, he proved that some of those unfortunate afflicted specimins exhibit nocturnal behaviour. Mondeo Gaffa Tape At Night
Thanks to Lee for submitting these pictures of his Mondeo. Witness here the transformation from "Mint" Mondeo to racing car, akin to a caterpillar emerging as a beautiful butterfly from its chrysalis. You'd struggle to tell the end result apart from Alain Menu's BTCC Mondeo. Thanks again Lee, superb.

Lee's Mondeo Lee's Mondeo Lee's Mondeo Lee's Mondeo


Mondeos with Gaffer Tape is a strange and fascinating phenomenon, I'm sure you'll agree. Studies into Gaffer Tape condition are still in their infancy, so if you feel you can help with our research, feel free to contribute Mondeo pictures of your own, should you spot any interestingly afflicted examples. Email them to us at jack (at) .


18 comments so far (post your own)

I drive a Ford Mondeo that used to be held together with gaffa tape. I didn't know it was a common phenomenon until I stumbled upon your site. I say used to be because the tape, and the parts being held together by it, have fallen off during the harsh winter. One of those household plastic lock straps held up the hose going to the rear window wash, but that also snapped and the hose was destroyed.

The hub caps are all rusty as well. It looks like some kind of demon auto with horrible teeth made of bad plastic, from a level of hell where cars are poorly maintenanced.

Posted by TM From Sweden on Saturday, 12/09/09 @ 17:32pm | #74


Due to an altercation with a concrete pillar, and after a few months at laughing at those with knackered old Ford's held together with sticky tape, feeling slightly afloof and boastful that my dear old friend was as Duck Tape free as well....erm... anyway.... Yes, the only way I could affect a repair on my old beast was to dreaded tape......

I may be able to offer an explanation for the high Ford Mondeo/Gaffer Tape repair ratio.

The rear bumper at least, as you can see in the first picture is essentially a skin, with just a void behind it. Nothing bumperish there, just some brittle kind of plastic, like the stuff James Dyson makes his vacuum cleaners out of.... Looks solid, but any stress placed on it, leads to an instant and expensive fracture.

The rear bumper outers are 197+VAT from Ford, must be the reason why most people opt for tape on these old missery boxes.

Posted by Andy on Thursday, 8/10/09 @ 18:56pm | #85

I am part of this gaffa tape club from 8:30am this morning...

It is very, very reassuring that I am not the only person with this dread affliction.

Reversed (or slid) into a pull-in bit on an icy country lane, in the attempt of avoiding a collision with the idiot who was rushing towards me. Heard the crispy-crunching sound of a crap Ford Mondeo Ghia Mk2 bumper against stone pillar concealed in the hedge and knew...

...the gaffa tape will come out tommorow, 'cause the MOT is two days later!!!

Posted by Beulah on Tuesday, 12/01/10 @ 17:09pm | #132

I love my mondeo taxi, but most of all i love my Gaffa taped bumper, its seriously cool and looks good on my gold mondeo

Posted by CHINGY on Tuesday, 19/01/10 @ 13:42pm | #134

Wow. Thank god someone else has noticed it! I was beginning to think I was the only one.
It is such a bizarre phenomenon. Quite baffling. Almost all the mondeos I see have gaffer on them in some way.
...and an angry pikey behind the wheel. XD

Posted by paul on Sunday, 16/05/10 @ 01:55am | #252

i too drive a mondeo with gaffa tape front and back. no longer feel out of place with all these other comments and pictures

Posted by ann on Saturday, 12/06/10 @ 20:22pm | #320

me and my boyfriend always look for gaffer taped mondeos whilst out driving and send them to each other....we have a competition going!!!!we get double points for a front ender, as they are rarer!!!

Posted by jaq on Tuesday, 15/06/10 @ 12:04pm | #324

Its always a MK2 Mondeo you see with gaffer tape. its because of the crap bumpers they have. Sometimes you see a MK1 with tape. This would not happen with its grandad the good old Ford Cortina as its got proper bumpers. You don't see a Sierra with gaffer tape do you?

Posted by Wayne Baldwin on Tuesday, 26/10/10 @ 15:10pm | #585

hi i have a mk2 ford mondeo i woke up on sunday morning to find the front bumper had a massive crack init. this morning was particulary icy and frosty so bad i couldnt play football with my local side due to frozen pitch. the reason why so many mondeos have gaffer tape is simple . behind each bumper there is foam and when this foam is wet or frozen it expands and therefore putting more pressure on the bumper so any week spots or corners just crack . sadly tho i wont be putting gaffer tape on my mondy cos ordered a new bumper this morning

Posted by brendon on Monday, 29/11/10 @ 17:57pm | #686

I had an R reg Mondeo, it was already cracked on the bumper when I got it, hardly noticeable, till I went and swung the car backwards into a barrier at the shopping centre, I thought I'd only scraped it but once I got home I found I had a hole in the bumper and just covered it with gaffer tape - gave it a personality of its own. Sadly someone drove into the side of my car and wrote it off, I now have a younger model and love it, no, no gaffer tape and hopefully I will be steering clear from them too. When out on the roads and I see these mondeos with gaffer tapes it always brings a smile to my face and I think of my old car.

Posted by Tracy on Wednesday, 15/12/10 @ 13:39pm | #744

Yep I joined the "club" a few yrs ago, its good stuff and very handy too, still got mine all over the back bumper, looks quite neat.

Hoowever, today whilst coming around the corner into my road, lost all traction and bang, straight into a parked car (it moved a few feet) not a mark on his, not a scratch, "mine" is sorta hanging on just, cracked all over.

Still no claim needed anyway.

Replacement front bumper on way, once the weather clears.

Guess it was time, as it was already cracked, well thats what its there for, isnt it!


Posted by parcel on Friday, 17/12/10 @ 13:49pm | #754

This site has set me free. I've been obsessing over this gaffa-taped phenomenon for months, if not years, but I thought I was the only one.

Saw one on Friday that had half the rear bumper missing; there was a huge sail constructed entirely of gaffa flapping majestically in the wind.

On long journeys with the kids, a Mondeo with gaffa on it is the golden goose on a long list of items we have to tick off a list. And one always pops up just before we reach our destination - wheeling in to save the day.

Sadly I don't have a Mondeo and my Focus bumper just won't crack, no matter how much I kick it. So, I'll just continue gaze longingly at other people's masterpieces until I have enough spare cash to be able to afford a second car. Then it'll be off down Honest John's for a prime example, ripe for the gaffa-ing.

Shouldn't there be car stickers or something?

Posted by Bog Hole on Sunday, 29/05/11 @ 10:27am | #1306

When I took my gaffa-adorned mondeo for it's mot, he advisory note said 'it has been noted that a temporary repair has been made to the bumper with tape' and I thought come on mate, we both know that's not temporary.

Have given up getting new bumpers. Am now looking for blue gaffa tape

Posted by Mick on Saturday, 3/09/11 @ 22:05pm | #1635

"It has been noted that a temporary repair has been made to the bumper with tape' and I thought come on mate, we both know that's not temporary"
Hahaha, I sprayed my coffee over the laptop then!
It appears that while the Mondeo is the carrier of the virus, it is also highly contageous..There's a flickr group dedicated to Gaffed and Ducked motors.
I wonder what happens when two Mondeos collide..

Posted by Dom on Saturday, 21/04/12 @ 17:03pm | #4269

The lad I work with has a gaffered mondeo, we just found this website and laughed! I love the '..we both know it's not temporary' and great idea with the car rides, never thought of that one! Brilliant website, please post more pictures and comments! Nice to have a good laugh :)

Posted by jen on Tuesday, 29/05/12 @ 15:16pm | #5422

some good repairs.and colour matches.

Posted by ronnie finlay on Thursday, 14/06/12 @ 17:00pm | #8137

Road legal banger racer. the most fun ive had driving to and from work. 80 mile round trip and every mile was better than the last. thanks for posting! I miss this car so much. its death can be witnessed on youtube "chavved up mondeo gets recycled" thanks again

Posted by lee on Saturday, 20/07/13 @ 22:18pm | #9733

I repaired my Mondy by sewing the bumper split with wire but it rusted through apparently should have been copper wire, then taped it, then when that came loose due to some rallying down Cornish lanes I glued some pringle lid patches on and then taped and sprayed the whole area. this has lasted well but is now coming loose again I am proud of my dedication to the old chap but even I am getting weary

Posted by marty on Thursday, 1/08/13 @ 19:44pm | #9750

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