Miscellaneous Stuff

Here's some of my pages that don't really fit in another section and don't deserve a section of their own.

Online Bookie Reviews

Brief reviews and my opinions of online bookies I've used for Sports Betting.

Free Sports Betting Arbs

If you're into sports betting, you might want to have a look at the Sports Betting Arbs page.

Hairy Pork Scratching

I discovered a beauty of a pork scratching, and had to share it with you. Pictures are on the Hairy Pork Scratching page. Enjoy.

Signs With Spelling Mistakes

Signage with idiotic speeling is inexcusable. If you see any, please take a picture of the offending sign and email it to me. I'm compiling pictures of signs with spelling mistakes.

Mr Angry

Hateful Stuff

Some stuff makes me so angry, I had to make a list of those things. Here is some stuff I really hate.

Polaroid FLU-3232

Here is a description of the hidden factory menus and how to get into them on the Polaroid FLU-3232 LCD TV.

Fonejacker Characters

Some screenshots of the characters from Fonejacker series 2. Excellent DVD, go and buy it at once.

Western Digital Media Player WDTV Review

A short review and pictures of the Western Digital WDTV Media Player working with the Western Digital MyPassport external hard drive.

Diesel Cars Stink

I hate diesel cars. Here's why. Do you hate diesel cars? VOTE HERE!


Just some tracks by me.

Panasonic DMR-EX75 Fault Receiver Broken Freeview Not Working

I thought I'd share how I fixed my Panasonic DMR-EX75 Freeview Receiver, which might be of interest to you if yours has stopped receiving Freeview channels completely.

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