Linux Related Pages

Here's a few short articles I've written related to Linux. Mostly, it's stuff that I'll need in the future but having a memory like a sieve, I'll write it here to save me looking it up again.

Import Email To Google Mail With Linux

An easy solution to the problem of importing masses of old email into Googlemail is on my Googlemail Import page.

KDE Printing Error Catastrophe!

Here's the answer to the frustrating error message that appears when my printer stops working. A broken printer is hardly a catastrophe, but the way to fix it is on the KDE Printing Error Catastrophe! page.

How To Add A Watermark To JPEG Images

Here's how to add a watermark logo to images singly or in a batch using GIMP, ImageMagick and find.

xorg.conf For nVidia GeForce 6200 LE With TV-Out

Getting my TV-out working on my nVidia 6200 LE took a bit of fiddling, and here's the resulting xorg.conf in case it's any help getting yours working.

Bluetooth File Transfer In Linux

How to send files via bluetooth in linux. Not very detailed information, just stuff to point you (and me, when I've forgotten) in the right direction.

Which RPM Package Owns That File?

How to tell which RPM package owns a particlar file.

Mandriva 2009 Quick Launch Icons

How to add quicklaunch icons to the panel in Mandriva 2009 KDE4.

Resize A Batch Of Images

How to resize a batch of images using mogrify, which is part of ImageMagick.

Bash Script To Produce Exif Files From Batch of JPGs

How to produce a batch of exif text or xml files from a directory of jpg images using a bash script in Linux

Convert Filenames To Lowercase In Linux

Here's how to convert all filenames in all directories recursively to lowercase using Linux.

Change Canvas Size Of A Batch Of Images

Here's how to replicate the Canvas Size feature of GIMP or Photoshop on a batch of images in one go using ImageMagick command line tools

Vi and Vim Commands I Always Forget

Here's a simple list of useful Vi or Vim commands, some of which I forget and have to look up.

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