KDE Printing Error

KDE Printing Error Catastrophe!

Occasionally, when I try to print something in KDE, I get an error something like this:

Catastrophe! KNotify message: "A print error occurred. Error message received from system: Error while reading filter description for true. Empty command line received."

This is infuriating.

Fixing It

I use Mandriva Linux, and this occurs for no reason I can see every now and then. To fix it, I go into printer properties, in whatever program I'm using, in this case "KoverArtist", like so:

KDE Print Dialogue

From there, I look in the "Filters" tab, and there is a mysterious filter with no name which has appeared for no apparent reason. I simply highlight it, and remove it with the red X button.

KDE Printer Configuration Dialogue

... and all is well again. If you've found this page, maybe you're having the same problem, and perhaps this might fix your printer too.