Remove And Replace Honda S2000 Stereo Head Unit

This article describes the process of removing and replacing the standard Honda S2000 head unit with an aftermarket one. In this case a Sony head unit. It's a bit fiddly but not difficult, although the Honda S2000 has dashboard mounted controls to work the volume, track, radio station, source, etc. To get the dashboard control working you will also need an extra little box of tricks to convert the control panel's signal into the steering wheel controls input on your head unit. Obviously your head unit must accept a steering wheel control connector for this to work.

Remove The Existing Head Unit

First, you need to loosen the panel surrounding the gear level and hand brake lever. Do this by lifing it up around the edges until it pops off. Use a large screwdriver to help level it off if it's tight, but if you care about your S2000, protect the surfaces to make sure nothing gets dented or damaged! We need to un-clip the whole panel, right back to the storage compartment.

Remove centre console Lift centre console up

Don't completely remove this panel, just lift it and slide it backwards to leave some space at the front.

Next, completely remove the panel shown below.

Honda S2000 Car Stereo Cover

This was really fiddly on mine. Again, it's held on with metal clips. Open the flap and gently but firmly pull it from the bottom. If it won't budge with your fingers, carefully lever it off with a big screw driver, but again, be careful to protect against scratches and dents. Eventually it should unclip. Remove it completely, including the heater vents which will be attached.

Now undo the two screws on either side of the head unit that will now be exposed. The head unit will now slide out.

Screws from brackets

Remove the "ear" brackets from the old head unit and attach them to the new one.

Dashboard Controls

Dashboard Controls

In order to get the dashboard controls working you'll need an extra piece of kit. You can look into getting a "modifry" unit (Google it) or an Autoleads unit. It went the Autoleads route as Halfords could order me one. If you get the Autoleads kit, you need to get the PC99-X61 which fits the Honda S2000. In addition to this, you will need another lead to connect to your chosen head unit. Mine was a Sony and needed the PC99-SON lead. These come with instructions stating which order to connect them together, which you must follow or it won't work.

Autoleads Dashbard Controls Adapter For Sony


Obviously, give it a test before you fit it all back together to make sure it work properly. There's not a lot of space behind the head unit in the S2000, so you need to carefully push the new leads and connectors out of the way as you fit the new radio.

Autoleads PC99-SON Jack Lead For Sony


I've been very happy with the Autoleads kit as it was fairly cheap (around £25 for both) and it works perfectly. I read about some setups that might cause a delay when pressing the dashboard controls, but this kit works great for me.

Page Updated 10/01/11