Firefox Related Pages

Here's some short articles I've written related to Firefox. Mostly, it's stuff that I'll need in the future but having a memory like a sieve, I'll write it here to save me looking it up again.

Deleting Saved Form Text In Mozilla Firefox

Have you been searching for smutty pictures again? It's annoying when your incriminating evidence pollutes your geniunely useful search history isn't it. Here's dow to delete just some saved form text in Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox Extensions Stop Working or Won't Install

Here's what I've done to fix my Firefox profile when it's become corrupted and the extensions refuse to load.

Sent-To Mail-Recipient Stopped Working In Thunderbird

After installing update for Thunderbird email client, right click Send-To -> Mail Recipient stopped working. Here's how to fix it.

Page Updated 14/07/09