How To Include Other Folders In My Dropbox

Dropbox is a brilliant file backup and file sync program that will automatically backup your files into your Dropbox on the web. It will even automatically syncronise changes you make to your documents across multiple computers. Great though it is, I find it a bit restrictive that you are supposed to keep everything you want to backup all in one folder called My Dropbox. I want to choose which folders to include, wherever they are on my hard drive. The answer is to create a junction, which is a feature of NTFS.

How To Create A Link In My Dropbox Folder

To do this, you will need to download the junction command if you don't already have it. You can get it from here. I saved the junction command into C:\Windows for easy use in future. Open a command prompt and use junction as follows:

C:\>junction "C:\My Dropbox\music" "c:\music"

Junction v1.05 - Windows junction creator and reparse point viewer
Copyright (C) 2000-2007 Mark Russinovich
Systems Internals -

Created: C:\My Dropbox\music
Targetted at: c:\music

Obviously replace the folder names as required. This example creates a virtual "music" folder within the "My Dropbox" folder, and anything I put in "C:\Music" will also appear in "C:\My Dropbox\Music".


  • You can only create a junction on the same drive. I.e. if your "My Dropbox" folder is on your C: drive, you can only link other folders also on your C: drive.
  • Unfortunately, updates to files in linked folders aren't syncronised as you make them, Dropbox doesn't detect them. Instead, they are syncronised every time you boot up.

More information on NTFS junctions here:

Page Updated 20/08/10