Diesel Cars Stink

Why I Hate Diesel Cars

Diesel stinks. Diesel engines do not belong in cars. Don't get me wrong, diesel has it's place among trains, boats, lorries and diggers, but absolutely not in cars. I hate diesel cars. Diesel is a selfish fuel. Just because the tight arsed diesel driver in front wants to save a few measly pence, why should the people in the cars behind have to suffer his stinking sooty plumes? I suspect most miserly derv pilots don't actually save any money anyway, because diesel cars cost more, their fuel is usually slightly more expensive than petrol, and their servicing/repairs often costs more too, given the complexity of modern oil burners.

Diesel Car Pollution Outside the Volkswagen diesel car engine factory, yesterday


Diesel cars are crap to drive. Their engines weigh more than their petrol equivalents. This blunts any tiny amount of performance that could be had from the low revving, wheezy lethargic tractor engine under the bonnet.


Diesel cars make a terrible agricultural din. Diesel fanatics claim that modern diesel cars are much quieter than oil burners of old, and that sometimes it's hard to tell a diesel car from a petrol car. Rubbish. I often have to turn the TV up or close the windows when the selfish diesel driving neighbours come home.


Diesel cars are supposedly better for the environment. Company car taxes and road taxes are based upon stupid CO2 measurements, which heavily favour diesel cars. So supposedly diesel produces less CO2. Who cares? I can't see or smell CO2 but I can see AND smell the rancid black stinking soot clouds appearing from these cars from hell.

How can this be the way forward?

Please take a moment to vote on whether you think diesel cars stink too. I have tried to make this page as un-biased as possible, so don't be swayed by my views. (Ha ha).

What do you think of diesel cars?

What do you think about the diesel car invasion? Do you have a diesel car? Do you think they stink? Please leave a comment below.

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