Deleting Saved Form Text In Mozilla Firefox

Delete Saved Logon From Googlemail

Isn't it annoying when you mis-type your logon username in a form in Firefox, and from that day on it will remain in the auto-suggest dropdown. Argh! I had a few of these on various web sites, but didn't want to simply delete all of the auto-complete text, as this feature can prove very useful. (You could do that via Tools -> Clear Private Data -> Saved Form and Search History.)

This annoyed me for ages, then I found out how to remove the rogue entries.

To remove single items from the saved form text, drop down the list of saved entries using the mouse, or the down arrow. Highlight the entry you want to remove, again with the mouse, or the down arrow. Now press SHIFT + DELETE.

Simple when you know how! I'm writing this page because otherwise I'll definitely forget how to get delete them in future...

Hope this was some help to you...