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Articles written related to computing. VB.Net, Visual Basic 6, Crystal Reports, Linux and Firefox pages. Mostly stuff that I'll need in the future but having a memory like a sieve, I'll write it here to save me working it out again.


Computer Related Pages

Miscellaneous Computer Pages

Finding My IP Address

If you want to know what your IP address is, the Finding My IP Address page will tell you. How exciting.

Shrinking a SQL Server Database Transaction Log

Quick easy way to reduce the size of an enormous transaction log file in a SQL Server database.

Dell Dimension C521

A few words about my Dell Dimension C521 which you might be interested in, in case you're thinking of buying one.

Find Dependent Tables In SQL Server

A Query listing the tables and fields that are dependent on a given table according to foreign keys in SQL-Server

Stop Windows XP And Vista Disk Thrashing

Stop Windows XP or Windows Vista disk thrashing when idle by stopping the indexing service and the auto-defragmentation processes

Slice Images For The Web In Gimp

Here's how to slice an image into multiple smaller images for use when designing web graphics.

Backup To USB Drive Fails

Scheduled overnight backups to a removable USB hard-disk have often been failing for me. Here's the solution to USB drive backup failing.

Windows Messenger Logon Display Name Message

A recent change made by Microsoft have made Windows Messenger request a Display Name after each logon. Why is this?

Enter NULL Value In MySQL Query Browser

It took me literally minutes to find this out, but here's how to enter a NULLvalue in MySQL Query Browser.

Piccolink Picco RF601 and Base Station Info

I can never remember the key combinations for the Picco RF601 menus or other nuggets of info on the Piccolink Picco RF601 and base station. Here they are for my referece, maybe yours too seeing as you've found this page.

How To Include Other Folders In My Dropbox

How to syncronise other folders from your C: drive in your My Dropbox folder by linking with the junction command.

Make Windows Forget Your Network Passwords

Here's how to get Windows XP to forget your stored network passwords.

Update Access Tables In Multiple Databases Using Inner Join SQL Statements

An example of how to update one MS Access table from another table in ANOTHER database using an INNER JOIN SQL statement

Sage ODBC Drivers Missing In Control Panel

Are your Sage ODBC drivers missing from Windows 64bit installations? Here's where they are.

Page Updated 26/09/11