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Here's a collection of pages containing car and automotive related articles. I've owned quite a few Japanese coupes and tend to do basic repair and maintenance jobs, such as and oil change or other service type jobs on them myself. I'm starting to document some bits ond pieces as I do these jobs and will post the articles here, in case it's any use to you lot. DIY maintenance on Toyota's MR2, and Supra. Toyota Supra SZ N/A.

Toyota Supra Side View
Japanese market Toyota Supra 3 litre SZ side view. 17in RVS alloys.

Car Maintenance and Repair Articles

Toyota MR2 Oil Change

Here are some brief instructions and annotated pictures showing how to do an oil change on a Mk2 Toyota MR2. Here, the oil change instructions relate to a UK spec 1994 2 litre GT facelift model.

Toyota MR2 Spark Plugs

Shows which spark plugs to buy for the Toyota MR2.

Standard 94 Toyota MR2 Mk2

How To Remove The Inside Panel/Door Card On A Toyota MR2

Instructions showing how to remove the interior door panel/door card from inside the door of a Toyota MR2, with pictures. Easy peasy but you might like to see some pictures if you're about to do this...

Toyota Supra SZ Mk4

Toyota Supra Mk IV Pictures. Images of the Toyota Supra Mk4 SZ Jap import. Spec of Jap Toyota Supra SZ.

Toyota Supra Mk4 Removing Speakers

Picture showing the simple removal of the rear speaker grilles and speakers from a Mk4 Toyota Supra Mk4

How To Remove The Stereo And Dials From A Supra Mk4

Pictures and instructions showing how to remove the stereo and main dials from a Toyota Supra Mk4.

Supra Crank Pulley Squeal, Not Fan Belt!

I thought it was probably the fan belt slipping on my Toyota Supra buy it turned out to be a worn cran pulley. In case you have the same symptoms on your Supra, you might be interested to read the Supra Crank Pulley page!

Toyota Supra Sticking Brake Caliper

One of the rear brake calipers was sticking on my Toyota Supra Mk4. Here's an account of what I did to free off my sticking brake caliper.

Toyota Supra Air Con Diagnostics

How to diagnose air-con not working on a Toyota Supra. Faulty air con? Get the diagnostic codes out of your Supra using the following method.

Toyota Supra Oil Change

Here are instructions on how to change the oil and filter on a mk4 Toyota Supra.

Supra oil draining out

Other Car Articles

Mondeo With Gaffer Tape

Here's some information about Gaffer Tape Mondeo disease, an increasingly common sight on Britain's roads. What is it about Mondeos? We explore the gaffer tape Mondeo phenomenon.

Fuel Price Progression

A chart and analysis of fuel prices collected since 2007. The graph is based on UK fuel prices for unleaded petrol.

Remove And Replace Honda S2000 Stereo Head Unit

Instructions showing how to remove the head unit from a Honda S2000. How to replace the Honda original car stereo from the S2000 and keep the dashboard controls working!

Honda S2000
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