Breeding Kribensis!

Here we have a short account of my experience of breeding Kribs, along with some pictures taken at various stages during their life. I hope this is of some use to you.

Kribs, or Kribensis make great pets, and are fascinating to watch raise a family. They show real character, like most cichlids, especially with a batch of babies to look after. I've kept a wide variety of tropical fish, and Kribs are by far my favourite.

Baby Kribensis

I've recently been fortunate enough to witness my second pair of kribs raise a family. Well, to be more specific, it's a single-parent family at the moment. It seems the mum-krib was so proud and protective of her new offspring, she beat the father to death. Here's a short page about my beginner's experience of breeding kribensis.


Tips and information on how to make your own pet kribs breed

  • Get yourself a fish tank
  • Put some fine gravel in, so the kribs can dig holes in it
  • Whack a plant pot in upside-down, with a hole cut in the side for the kribs to live in
  • Purchase the decent man-krib
  • Purchase the biggest, fattest red-bellied woman-krib you can find
  • Stick them in
  • Wait

Kribensis don't seem to be too fussy about water parameters, they're supposed to like a neutral PH, but the PH in my Kribensis tank is around 8, and they do great. I've noticed that I seem to get batches of mostly the same sex babies. This is dependent on the PH, I think. I've also noticed that a clean, bright tank makes a massive difference to how active, and interesting they are, so I make an effort to keep it vacuumed, and the light clean of algae.

After much entertaining flirting and fighting, the new krib couple dig holes and try to select the best place to raise their little'uns. Hopefully in their plant pot. It's hilarious watching them dig. They carefully and methodically remove one or two stones at a time, placing them in a neat pile nearby. They can spend hours doing this, sometimes taking turns to keep watch while the other digs, sometimes digging together. When they're happy with their construction site, the female krib disappears for a few days, then emerges, hoarding a group of tiny baby kribs around.

Baby Kribensis Day One

Like so...

Breeding Kribensis

What To Feed Baby Bribs

It seems baby brine-shrimp are the best food for kribensis fry, and makes them grow quickest. My first batch of baby kribs were fed on baby brine shrimp, which I squirted at them with a pipette. That way, they appeared to catch pretty much all the food and missed none. I don't like using the liquid food for baby egg-layers, as it seems to make a bit of a mess. I seem to have pretty good results crushing up a single flake in the lid of the flake food pot until it's really fine. Then, using a pipette from a fish medicine kit, I mix in a drop of water, suck up the resulting liquid back into the pipette, and squirt it right at the little chaps. It always seems to go down a treat. Tonight, (around 3 weeks after hatching) they were invaded by daphnia. :-) The daphnia are actually too big for the baby kribs to eat, but the babies definitely seem to like trying. It must be like trying to eat a whole watermelon in one go.

Krib Breeding Tips

Sometimes, as happened to me, one of the parents may become so protective of the fry that they can attack the other parent. They may injure or kill the other krib in order to keep the fry safe. If this happens, you should remove the parent who is being attacked and leave the possessive parent to look after the fry on his/her own. (If possible, that is).

Dither Fish

I have found that dither fish are essential in keeping kribs active and entertained! Tetras and barbs are the usual choices for good dither fish, which give the kribs something to chase every now and then. It keeps them active, and can stop them directing their anger at each other. I've found that with no dither fish in the tank, the kribs can become really inactive and just sit in caves looking dull. But adding some tetras brings the kribs to life, and brings out their colours, and they straight away get on with their poking around in the gravel, behaviour.

When To Remove The Parents?

I've had loads of people asking me about when to remove the fry. The answer is, it depends. If both of the parents are there as a happy family, I'd leave them to look after the fry. But keep an eye on them, because next time they want start the breeding process again, (maybe after a month), they might reject the babies, instead concentrating on the next batch. If you just have one parent looking after the fry, you'll probably be ok leaving them all in together for a long time, until the tank gets very busy! I found that the mother got along fine with all the kids for seven months. (See below).

Baby Kribs Day Three

Breeding Kribensis

Three Week Old Kribs

The little guys are mostly venturing away from mum now, finding their own food. Can you guess what colour flake they had for dinner tonight?

Breeding Kribensis

Kribensis At Six Months

...A long gap, and finally some more (not very good quality) pictures. The kribensis tank is now getting very crowded. I'm sure they're not growing as big or fast as they would given more space. It's now pretty easy to tell males from females. The females have a more stumpy round look, while the males are longer and thinner. At this stage there isn't much difference in colour, but eventually the females will start to show a colourful red belly. The older the males get, the further back the tip of their fin stretches. I don't know if it's coincidence, or whether it's dependent on the hard PH 8 water here, but about 80% of the last two successful batches of young kribs have been female...

Breeding Kribensis Breeding Kribensis Breeding Kribensis Breeding Kribensis Breeding Kribensis Breeding Kribensis

Kribensis At Seven Months

Sadly, I had to take most of the krib family back to the shop to relieve the overcrowding in the tank.

Adult Male

And a couple of years on, here's one of the fully grown kribs. Not in a particularly colourful mood today, but he shows off his colours on HIS terms, not for the camera!

Adult Male Kribensis

That's it for now. Feel free to leave comments below.


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i have also a breeding pair that have just had there first brood and was wanting to know a few facts about them this has been good to look at

Posted by eddie on Sunday, 23/08/09 @ 21:03pm | #53

ive just gt my first to male n female, wat do i need for them to have babys? do thy need to hide? or not?

it was nice looking at the pics

Posted by sean on Monday, 24/08/09 @ 22:30pm | #54

i think my kribs have just laid eggs how long do they take to be frys

Posted by andy on Wednesday, 26/08/09 @ 12:20pm | #55

Great read friend pretty much covered all the bases! Definitely a BEAUTIFUL fish I've just RE-set a 20`` long for my first krib resident family...or i hope One bit you might like to know...from what i understand an alkaline Ph(basic) will produce predominantly a male brood and just the same for females and acidic Ph...even MORE fascinating neutral actually creates a more even balance...strange? I think any rate thanks for the info mate

Posted by Michael on Saturday, 12/09/09 @ 17:25pm | #73

hi, i have been given a pair too and as i have 2 tanks i just wondered if they can be kept in a community tank, thanks,,, jord.

Posted by jordan on Thursday, 17/09/09 @ 22:12pm | #77

how long can i leave the baby kribs in the tank with the parents.... tim

Posted by tim on Sunday, 20/09/09 @ 19:36pm | #80

how long can i leave the baby kribs in the tank with the parents.

im at this place too. they gave birth tonight and ive taken about 30/40 of them out and into a breading trap. was this right to do? i will be setting up a smaller tank in a short time for the babys to go into but do i need the mother with them? HELP! :-)

Posted by Mark on Saturday, 10/10/09 @ 19:55pm | #86

hi how long do i keep babys in tank with parents. thanks j

Posted by jude on Sunday, 11/10/09 @ 12:34pm | #88

i have only had a tropical tank for around 9 months and have kept mainley guppys but recently my brother told me that if i want to watch fasinatingfish then i should get some kribs and tommorrow thats what i will do but wanted to know how to look after them and you have explained every thing i need to know thank you so much.

Posted by alex on Saturday, 7/11/09 @ 21:16pm | #100

I enjoyed your info on kribs,the funniest thing that happened in my tank was when the babys got scared of some invisable thing they all swam to mom and straight into her mouth! She just sat there with her mouth open until they got brave enough to swim back out....these fish are amazing parents!

Posted by Alona on Saturday, 14/11/09 @ 04:18am | #108

hi i have 4 kribs 2 male 2 female all in the same tank and one pair had 15 fry about 12 weeks ago,i have now moved all my fish from a 3 foot tank in to a 5 foot tank and at first there was a bit of fighting by the males ,now the female krib has chased the father of the fry away who just stay in the cave allday , and the female is trying to breed with the bigger of the two males so should i take out the two kribs that are not breeding

Posted by tim on Monday, 23/11/09 @ 20:40pm | #110

how long would you say it takes a male and female to achieve full size? and is there any paticular food to enhance their colour?

Posted by ross on Wednesday, 16/12/09 @ 15:52pm | #117

I have recently watched the amazing ritual of my 2 Kribs breeding. Unfortunately, I came home today to find the male dead.
The woman (man basher!) is in hiding now, but in a different place from where they had nested previously...
My concern now, is that other fish have taken over where the nest had been made, and the woman is now hiding in another alcove in the tank. Is this normal behaviour post breeding? or is this more indicative of all the babies being lost?
Thanks in advance

Expectant parent of new Kribs.


Posted by dougontour on Thursday, 17/12/09 @ 17:28pm | #119

I came home from sledging with my son making the most of the freaky deep snow to find my kribs had babys i new they were up to summat thier amazin n sooo cute n the parents are fab they take turns picking up wondering babys n spitting em oun with the others its just so great to watch xxxxxx

Posted by on Tuesday, 5/01/10 @ 22:50pm | #130

hi ive got a pair of kribs and they have laid eggs twice know and the female has eaten the eggs both times a few hours after laying them should i remove the eggs into a smaller tank as they lay them on a large rock in my large community tank

Posted by chris on Saturday, 20/02/10 @ 23:03pm | #166

Thank you for all i needed to know about breeding and feeding my kribs i got my 1st fry last nite

Posted by Michael on Thursday, 25/02/10 @ 21:46pm | #167

Thanks for all the info very helpful

Posted by Lee clark on Tuesday, 16/03/10 @ 04:11am | #170

best cichlid to keep, not to big nor too small,
beautifull colors, and not too aggressive,,

Posted by martin on Saturday, 3/04/10 @ 05:17am | #181

I am trying to breed kribs, i got caves, plants and a male and female brightly coloured, doing a bend and wiggling and a bit of digging. I have ruby sharks, silver dollars, gouramis, clow loach, another little loach, An algea eater and i am not sure if they will succesfully breed if the fry will live if there are predators like that around. Should i take some of the predators back to the pet store or leave them in there and see what happens?

Brian p.s. please give me a responce and i will really be gratefull. Cheers.

Posted by Brian on Sunday, 4/04/10 @ 12:00pm | #184

i just brought some kribs today and hopeing they will breed

gd helpfull info here

Posted by lee on Wednesday, 7/04/10 @ 13:52pm | #188

i got two males and two females but one female is young and the other female is matured and bother males are matured
i bought them without them paired but can they still breed?

Posted by shaun on Thursday, 8/04/10 @ 15:54pm | #194

I was so excited yesterday as my friend and i were looking at the fish tank i explained that the kribs might be haveing babies, when mum came out spitting them all out. all day kept an eye then by night time could not see any. excepted that we had lost them all to the other fish in the tank and i have a lot. Then hey next morning all swimming with mum again. sooo cute.

Posted by maggie on Sunday, 18/04/10 @ 09:31am | #205

How long until the baby kribies, or fish in general, can be sold or given away? I have a quite large quite shy male and an aggressive snot of a female, what do you think the chances of the breeding is?

Posted by brianne on Monday, 19/04/10 @ 10:31am | #206

i have my kribs for about a month now and the finaly got some liitle kribs swimming about i wanted some info

very gd info cheers

Posted by lee on Friday, 7/05/10 @ 12:50pm | #236

My Kribensis parents suck in the fry then spit them out. Is this normal?

Posted by Stephanie on Monday, 10/05/10 @ 19:07pm | #241


Yeah, it's normal. They are just moving them about and keeping them all safely together. Funny isn't it!

Posted by Jack Frost on Monday, 10/05/10 @ 19:16pm | #242

Hi very interesting I have tried Kribs a few times diffrant stockests but they never live more than a few weeks dont know if they are killing eac other or what is wrong PH 7.6 softish water temp 78f

Posted by stuart on Sunday, 23/05/10 @ 00:09am | #269


Hmm. Sound ok to me. Is the tank overstocked? Is it properly set up and established? What other fish do you have in there?

Posted by Jack Frost on Sunday, 23/05/10 @ 00:39am | #270

I have 3 little kribs , about 5 ish weeks old,when do they get colours. Not in with mum and dad as they chased them. Thanks.

Posted by amanda on Wednesday, 9/06/10 @ 16:16pm | #312

I find a smallish conch-type shell that the parents will just fit into is a perfect breeding ground. Looks nice too.

Posted by Andy Wilson on Tuesday, 15/06/10 @ 22:35pm | #325

Great information especially for someone who has never had kribs before. My husband put thenm in a tank with our other fish, barbs,tetras etc and for the first time ever without trying we have Babies! could not believe it! Its great watching them. Thanks for all the info.

Posted by Joyce on Monday, 21/06/10 @ 13:16pm | #341

Noticed my first brood of about 30 fry this morning...have found your info very helpful my only fear now is how to control the numbers of fish I have as also have a tropical tank with breeding guppys and a Tanganyika tank with breeding Brachardii...have approached my local fish retailer who informs me that they are not allowed to take or sell on fish from the public.. my only other possibility is a local sealife you have any other suggestions...I have no more space for another tank...currently running 4...any suggestions welcome

Posted by Joanne on Thursday, 24/06/10 @ 17:31pm | #345

what size of tank did you keep the baby kribs in?

Posted by Grant on Monday, 2/08/10 @ 18:43pm | #393


It was a while ago now but I think it was a 2 foot long tank.

Posted by Jack Frost on Monday, 2/08/10 @ 18:46pm | #394

thanks :D it was about the size i wanted you to say

Posted by Grant on Monday, 2/08/10 @ 22:49pm | #395

I have had a pair of Kribs for a couple of months and they took to mineing under a rock i had in the tank,yesterday i noticed the rock had sunk so first reaction, where are the kribs, its ok both were lurking by a plant base, today i thought id revamp the tank and scrubbed the glass, took out and de algeed the rocks did a 30% water change and left the tank to settle for a few hours. I couldnt beleve it when i looked next there swimming around mr n mrs krib was around 20/30 babies! How the heck they managed to avoid the syphon pipe of doom is beyond me. Proves they are good mummys n daddys to have kept the kids safe through all that.

Posted by Lisa on Saturday, 14/08/10 @ 21:55pm | #426

ive had a pair of kribs for about 2 weeks now and all that has been happening is the female chases the male from one end to the tank to the other all day long. The female also has been pretty bland in colour. But today i went and got another male krib, this time bigger than the female, and as soon as i put it in the females belly inflated and her colour got a lot better. so im guessing that you have to have a bigger male than female?

Posted by Grant on Saturday, 28/08/10 @ 17:27pm | #454

kribs have just had babies for the first time,mum and dad seem to be doing a good job protecting but i have guppies platies etc in the tank do i seperate them or leave alone

Posted by billy cleland on Friday, 3/12/10 @ 23:21pm | #704


I'd leave them. Those live bearers won't be any threat to two Kribs.

Posted by Jack Frost on Saturday, 4/12/10 @ 00:11am | #705

please help !!!! i am fairly new at kribensis...actually i bought a breeding pair by accident a few weeks ago...3 days ago i found a pack of babies. bothn parents were VERY protective but tonight i came home and all babies are gone !!!! they are in a 75 gal community tank with several other BIG fish.... if i buy a new tank and seperate them, will they breed again ? and if so, how soon ? currently they are acting somewhat distressed, searching for the babies? will that wear off ? please help....any advice will be appreciated....

Posted by lynda jazwinski on Monday, 3/01/11 @ 02:12am | #823


It's most likely that they ate the babies themselves. They will do that if they are stressed or sometimes if it's their first batch. Kribs should breed again in around a month. If you do get another tank and separate them off, they will probably breed again soon. I wouldn't recommend less than a 2 ft tank though, and they will benefit from having some other dither fish in there too. (See above.) Don't forget if you set up a new tank, you must cycle it and set it up properly. If it's not set up properly, they won't breed.

If I was you I'd leave them for another month and see if the same thing happens again.

Posted by Jack Frost on Monday, 3/01/11 @ 10:02am | #825

I've bred fish for a number of years when I was younger and have now aquired a 330lt tank from my grandson and started stocking it with fish. The first choice was the Krib and then the Blue Ram these are the most intersting of all aquairium fish. I put 4 kribs in my tank and I was so fortunate to get 2 pair, Iam now setting up a 30lt tank to start breeding them. Thanx for your interesting articles keep up the good work

Posted by Bob Daniels on Saturday, 29/01/11 @ 09:11am | #910

It is very hard to get a nice pair of Krib in Penang, Malaysia. There are some hybrid with blood parrot and the Krib babies turn out with blood parrot mouth and Krib body. It is weird. Hope to get some quality Krib in Penang Malaysia.

Posted by Edward Lim on Tuesday, 8/02/11 @ 09:28am | #948

I have a well cycled tank , 1 year old 93 litres with 2 dozen real plants 2 large rocks and a nice piece of bogwood with a cave & fine sand bottom, zebra danios, tiger barbs, ottocinclus, hong kong plecos, corys and clown loach, it's a really lively tank especially as the ottos have'nt paired the barbs are constantly rowing and the danios play tag all day long, last week i purchased my 1st kribs supposedly a pair but soon realised i had 2 females so went back and picked a fine looking male, 1st day he checked the tank and the girls out then made his choice , 2nd day the pair started excavating under the wood, when the pit was a decent size the clown loach moved in much to the bemusement of the female krib who was still excavating, anyway day 3 the action moved into the cave interspersed with lots of flirting between the kribs they shored up the front entrance leaving a small entry hole and the female is now staying in there with the male on guard outside ,I'm well happy and they've added the finishing touch to what was a lively tank but in need of something special to finish it off , and they've certainly added that something special , can't wait to see the little uns come out to play.

Posted by jd_dog on Wednesday, 9/02/11 @ 23:01pm | #964

I have been considering Kribs for a while but as they were Cichlids, I thought they had to live in a Cichlid species tank only. I currently have some neon tetras, rasboras, mollies and danios in my tank. Would the Kribs live happily in this environment?! Any advice is hugely appreciated!!

Posted by Krissy on Saturday, 19/02/11 @ 00:02am | #990


My memory is a bit hazy on this, but I'd say there would be no problem if the tank was big enough. Possibly, the Mollies could be the only possible problem amongst that lot.

Posted by Jack Frost on Saturday, 19/02/11 @ 00:23am | #992

quick update ,I thought everything had gone wrong just after I posted the last comment , the kribs abandoned the cave and the male seemed aggravated with the female for being out and about and tried to push her back to the cave , the next day all seemed peaceful in the tank and both cribs had started hanging around behind the bog oak where the cave is and i thought oh well maybe when they're more settled in the tank they'll do it again ,this morning I'm watching them mooching about and as the female came over the top of the wood i thought she'd disturbed some muck , next thing i've noticed about 5 or 6 miniscule little things swirling about under mum :-)) , it seems she's hiding them when the lights are on and no other fish are allowed anywhere near the back of the bog oak , it's gonna be fun watching them grow

Posted by jd_dog on Saturday, 19/02/11 @ 17:09pm | #994

Your Krib diary was a pleasure to read. We have kept kribensis for about 5 years now and have had plenty of success with them. Have found over those years, NOT to keep any kind of loach or knife fish with them. If the eggs dont get eaten, the fry will! Our most adult kribs have just laid another batch of eggs in a big apple snail shell so they are well protected at the moment.
In the comunity tank with them are a very young pair of keyhole cichlids, blue lipped mouth brooders (mother full of small fry), pair of rams and a dozen or so black neons (the dithers). The tank is 3ftx2x1 and is heavily planted with oxygenating plants and amazon sword and also has many holey rocks and snail shells for them to hide in. A blue light has been added to work along the normal white light to help the plants and combat any algea.
Hope this helps anyone interested
Remember! Fish keeping is supposed to be relaxing. NEVER stressfull!

Posted by Dizzy on Wednesday, 23/02/11 @ 17:17pm | #1007

lost the last ones i had but have a new set now, about 15 of them and both parents are sticking tight with them , the clown loach is a major problem as he completely ignores the adult kribs when they have a go at him, but they seem to be keeping the fry away from him quite successfully , they have'nt bothered with a cave or a hidey hole of any kind this time ,fingers crossed again

Posted by jd_dog on Monday, 14/03/11 @ 14:28pm | #1074

My Kribs are new to the tank and already had babies iv4e took a few from the parents as was advised to at the shop, but wish i hadnt now they seemed like they were being good parents

Posted by michelle on Wednesday, 6/04/11 @ 13:24pm | #1164

I have a male and female Krib who gave birth to fry last week - I have now moved the fry and parents to another tank to protect them from predators - this morning I noticed that the parents were doint the breeding dance and that the female has the little spout open..looks like she is going to lay eggs again and now I am worried about the exisiting 1 week old babies...will the parents eat them because they have new eggs or will they live together as one happy family?

Posted by Sonja on Friday, 20/05/11 @ 09:18am | #1280

I'm not so lucky.... When I bought my pair they were getting on fine, but then the male died and left the female by herself for just about 2 months. Then, I bought a new male who was chased around for a few weeks, but then they paired up. It's been about 2 months since they paired up, and they have dug a hole, but my rainbow shark was really nosey and went in it to have a look. He scratched himself on the way out and has a gash on his face. I put some Melafix in. Will this slow the breeding process??? And also, when will they breed? The female loves the cave and hasn't been coming out much for a while, but she DOES come out.

Posted by Laura on Tuesday, 31/05/11 @ 08:26am | #1309

2 days after mother had babies had to take male out of tank as mother kept attacking him shes seems fine now on her own with her babies first time she had fry she ate them all so second hopefully all good

Posted by kristian on Friday, 3/06/11 @ 01:16am | #1332

was cleaning out my tank and washing off my rocks and noticed that my kribensis had laid eggs, i picked it up and then put it right back in the tank.. do you think they will reject their babies?? Thanks!!

Posted by Natasha on Sunday, 17/07/11 @ 03:23am | #1468

thank you soo much you helped me lots and lots please make more on breeding kribs and thanx again

Posted by kyle on Monday, 8/08/11 @ 09:37am | #1544

Wow, i just bought two females and a male krib last week and they are mating. They started to attack my fish in my 29 gallon so i relocated them to the breeding tank that was currently vacant. How long will it be after they mate that she lays the eggs? I inserted an ornament on its side that makes a perfect dark cave because i found out they lay eggs on the ceiling. Petsmart sells rocks that are fuzzy with moss, should i get one for the fry and put it near the cave or feed them a single crushed up flake? and should i get another male krib for the neglected female now since i know they pair up besides some tetras for dither fish?

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 11/08/11 @ 04:58am | #1553

Hi I have 3 male and 3 females Kribs I noticed that 2 sets seemed to be pairing up. I organised 2 tanks and puy the pairs in them in the one tank the female stays in the plant pot and the male stays outsidebut in the community tank they were flirting with each other. The other pair disapaired into the hide-a-way(plant pot) started burrowing blocking up the enreance just enough for them to get in and out I haven't seen regularly and don't know if they have spawned, I see them now and the when I feed. if there are babies will they come out so that i can feed them

Regards Bob

Posted by Bob Daniels on Tuesday, 16/08/11 @ 10:28am | #1568

Hey Bob,
I just got my first batch of krib fry and to answer your question, once the fry are free swimming, the parents take them out on strolls around the tank and the fry seem to graze along the substrate like herds of sheep. That would be the time to give them any extra food but they seem to do fine in mu planted tank without me giving much food.

Posted by Kevin on Saturday, 1/10/11 @ 03:59am | #1733

Hi i have baby Kribensis thay are about half one inch and now the female has had a second litter is that ok to have them in the same tank or will they eat each other

Posted by Peter on Friday, 7/10/11 @ 09:28am | #1758

just read all the info on kribs. very interesting ihave1 male krib about 2wks now, i'm getting a female this friday, also female ram for the male which i have also had for 2wks. hope they will be alwright. you're advice would be greatly appreciated. all the very best. Keno, bye

Posted by kenneth.kennington on Monday, 7/11/11 @ 10:03am | #1910


Best thing you can do is leave them to it this time. I'd be surprised if they make it, I expect the eggs will be gone tomorrow. If so, get a plant pot and see what happens next month. :)

Posted by Jack Frost on Monday, 5/12/11 @ 22:11pm | #2158

My kribs have finally bred but it seems they only have three babies! Last night I had to rescue the male as he got jammed inside an ornament where the young were 'hanging out' and since then the female has moved them they stand a chance of survival as had to intervene to save the male as wedged so tightly i had to prise him out. Both male and female are together and being nice to each other but worried that i could have mucked things up for them ? I saw them this morning and all was fine but they have been hidden again so cannot see the fry anymore

Posted by alison on Monday, 12/12/11 @ 16:44pm | #2256

i have had my kribs for about 4 months now and i first noticed strange behaviour when they spent most of their time hovering and protecting their territory of a pile of slate. They began removing the sand underneath the pile and were actually moving the slate around together until they formed a dome shape cave with an entrance at the front of the tank so i could see in and a small hole at the top which let through light so you could see inside. i didnt quite know what was going on until i noticed the female shaking her body in and around the cave they had built. one night i came home and she looked alot thinner and her belly was not as red as it was before and i looked inside of the cave and there was a hoard of eggs! At one point both parents moved all of the eggs out into a corner while the one guarded the eggs and another dug the cave out a bit more which made it more spacious then put the eggs back in! the first batch came out with both parents and started free swimming but i have larger fish in the tank so put the babies onto my smaller breeding tank where i have different sizes of mollies that i had also bred and small kuli loaches. there are some fully grown mollies in the breeding tank but when i put the babies in they just started swimming around with the rest of the fish! i thought it was a bit of a risk to take but tried my luck anyway. they are just over an inch now and have recently moved a second batch into the breeding tank which was a considerably bigger batch of about 60 fry and now the female looks bigger than last time! she seems to be shaking her body outside the entrance of the cave just waiting on more babies :) p.s i also cut up tomatoes for my fish and the seeds are left at the bottom and have started sprouting with two leaves? just wondered if anyone else has had the same experience of growing tomato plants in their aquarium?

Posted by Jamie on Monday, 12/12/11 @ 23:13pm | #2262

I got 15 kribs in my tank and they seem content with just hovering around a huge rock . They rarely venture away from that rock. They're always full of color which I think is a good sign. No sign's of breeding though but 2 of the biggest ones seem to be dominating the rest not sure if they are a pair.

Posted by Jonas on Friday, 30/12/11 @ 04:24am | #2484

Just bought a pair of kribs today in full colour and already they have claimed a hollow log, they are courting and fighting non stop in between cleaning and guarding their new home!
Can't believe how quick the pair have settled in my 190 litre tank, love my new additions :)

Posted by Aaron on Tuesday, 24/01/12 @ 01:42am | #2828

I just had my second pair of kribs spawn a ton of babies:)I now have two proven breeding pairs each in their own 10 gal. Hopefully this batch will survive and I'll have more kribs than a Chinese nursery :)

Posted by Robert on Sunday, 5/02/12 @ 02:05am | #3044

I brought a pair of Kribs 12 days ago. When the fish shop guy caught them he said it looked like they were a pair and may be near laying.

3 days later I had eggs, 4 or 5 days later they had all gone but they were spending a lot of time in and around a coconut shell. Another 4 or 5 days later (yesterday) they were out showing off (trying to keep hidden) around 20 or 30 fry!

Posted by Stuart on Friday, 9/03/12 @ 08:22am | #3604

Hi ive added a pair of kribs to my 240l tank 4 days ago and ive noticed that they've already excavated underneath a large rock and spawned,the male is gaurding the site extremly aggresively whilst the female is tending the eggs,ive bred these little fish years ago with sucsess evrey time. And now i have a new pair that have spawned in a tank containg angels,rainbows,severums,along with royal,zebra, tiger and clown plecos, so i say good luck to my new pair of krib parents they are devoted parents and a joy to own and breed.

Posted by andi on Wednesday, 18/04/12 @ 17:35pm | #4241

First baby kribensis are about 4 months old. I used a divider to separate them from their parents who recently had more babies. I would like to put all of them together in one tank. Any advise???

Posted by Karen on Friday, 9/08/13 @ 17:29pm | #9762

I have had my Kribs for about a year and have successfully had one lot of babies. The second time they had babies daddy wouldn't allow mummy anywhere near them so he was watching the babies and warding off the other fish on his own, this was obviously to much for him as after a couple of days the babies were gone. Mummy Krib is now looking really depressed and has lost all her colour. Daddy is staying in the cave and attacks Mummy when she comes near him. This has been going on now for about 2 weeks and I'm not sure what to do. Please help.
Thank you.

Posted by Debbie on Monday, 30/09/13 @ 20:38pm | #9981

i just love these fishes i have my first batch of babies and some are bigger then the rest can you please tell me why is that i feed then shrimps and blood worms 1or 2 times a week there is about 22 of them and i want to give to my daughter a pair but i can see the females but really the males are hard to pick from the batch how can i tell at them babies are in their own 20Lts tank and i have loved every minute just sitting there watching my fishes then the T.v i have a 5 ft tank and have 2 pairs in there but nothing so far i hope you can help me finding the sex of these beautiful fishes
thank you so much for your time ..jenny

Posted by jenny murada on Friday, 18/04/14 @ 06:06am | #11455

You do not need to remove the parents or even remove them from a well established tank with other fish,Kribensis are excellent parent who will fend off any other fish from there young being a mouth mouthbrooder so will suck the fry into the mouth sumtimes to transport them . Kribensis are one of the easiest fish to breed in fact most cichlids are really easy to breeed as all you need is the right tank set up my angel fish used to lay eyes on a leaf in the tan.You want sum of you're fry to be eaten by other fish it's called Natural selection

Posted by Raga on Thursday, 10/07/14 @ 09:20am | #14641

hey Ive got a female and I just brought a male I put him in the tank n the female is acting and chasing him around .. Ive done this before with another male I brought but I had two females and he got attacked and stressed and two days later he died now there is only one female and its happening again but I took one female out and she seems not to like him even tho her belly is red as ? some one help?

Posted by on Saturday, 12/07/14 @ 11:07am | #15143

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