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This site contains some pages about cars, phones, computers and other stuff. Lots of the pages are there to remind me how I did something, but perhaps they'll be of use to you also. You can search the pages on this site using the Google search in the top left, or browse the site map. I'm adding pages regularly, so come back soon.


Toyota Supra Non-Turbo

Car Pages

Various Toyota and other car make related pages including car servicing and maintenance related articles are in the Car Pages section. You'll be able to read about the fascinating gaffer tape affliction blighting the nation's Mondeos.

Toyota Oil Filter

New (Old) Mobiles Site!

Various articles on the T-Mobile G1, Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson K800i are on the Mobile Phone Site. Loads of articles on the fantastic Android operating system are on the Jack Frost Mobile site, so go there and have a look.

T-Mobile G1

Popular pages

Toyota MR2 Oil Change
Brief instructions of how to carry out an engine oil change is on the Toyota MR2 oil change page. You'll have your MR2 full of lovely fresh oil, and you'll imagine it feels much better to drive, even though it doesn't. But your MR2 will thank you for it.
Kribensis breeding - baby krib
Kribensis breeding information, including pictures and account of how to raise a family of kribs. Pictures showing the growth of a batch of Krib fry until almost adults.
Gaffer Tape
Have you noticed how many Mondeos are driving about with gaffer tape plastered all over them? What's that all about? The strange phenomenon of Mondeos with gaffer tape is explored here.
Mobile Phone Sat Nav
Comparison and mini-reviews of Sat Nav software for the Android platform. Here are some free and paid-for apps sat nav apps for android mobiles, such as the T-Mobile G1, HTC Magic and the new crop of Android smart phones.
Hairy Pork Scratching
Aren't pork scratchings fascinating? Well, hairy ones at least. I discovered a beauty of a pork scratching, and just had to create my own hairy pork scratching page to share it with you. Here's my hairy pork scratching page.
Deaf White Kitten

Deaf White Kitten

Some stuff about my deaf white kitten.

No Signs On The Fence, Please!

Here is a collection of imbecilic spelling and grammar on signs. Just a few pictures I've taken on my travels.

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